Bosch Custom Case Review

Bosch Custom Case Review

Okay go ahead an call me a geek, but the Bosch custom case is so cool.  Who would have thought in a day and age we can control our power tools, view our battery status and follow our tools around the world, a custom case is what makes me smile?  So let’s jump in and check out our Bosch Custom Case Review.

Bosch Custom Case Review Overview

For years we have always been told by a power tool manufacturer what we need in an accessory kit.  They told us which bits we need and how to organize them.  Well, those days are over.  We now have the power to create and set up a box any way we want.  Seriously how cool is this?

The Bosch custom case is a system with a ton of different options that allow a user to pick a box, pick the accessories and set it up any way you want.  If you want, you can even buy prebuilt boxes.

Bosch Custom Case Review Features

Bosch Custom Case Review

Bosch has 5 prebuilt cases for the user to get their collection started.  If you already have bits and just want the box, no worries, you can buy an empty custom box.

If you buy a box, you can buy the clips and bits separately and build your own box.

Bosch Custom Case Review

Bosch uses a hard, durable plastic box that is lightweight but offers protection from outside elements and drops.

Bosch Custom Case Review

One feature I love about the Bosch box is that the hinge is held together by a metal rod and it’s not just plastic on plastic which would wear out rather quickly.  The metal means it will last through drops and a bunch of abuse.

Bosch Custom Case Review

To open and close the box, just snap open the red clip.  When we did drop the box, we never had a single box that opened up on us.  The clip stays in place and is very easy to open and close.

Bosch Custom Case Review

The side of the box has a hard rubber to help protect the box during a drop.  Not only will it protect the box, but it will not scratch the material it dropped on such as a wood floor.

Bosch Custom Case Review

This is just an example of one of the boxes.  Open it up and everything is very easy to see.  The white background and black bits have a nice contrast so you’re not fighting to read which bit you’re grabbing for.

One awesome feature is how easy it is to take a bit out or put it back.  Some of the other boxes on the market seem like a fight to get a bit in or out.  Not with the Bosch.  Just tilt up and pull out.

Bosch Custom Case Review

While the cases are cool, it wouldn’t mean anything if Bosch didn’t have great bits.  Bosch has some of the best and most underrated bits on the market.  The tips are machines which means a better fit and fewer cam outs.  The bits have a torsion zone which also helps with preventing cam outs and breaking tips.  Bosch also uses a hardened core for longer life.

Bosch Custom Case Review Organizing Skills

Bosch Custom Case Review

Here is the beauty of this system, the organization.  All the red trays can be removed or reorganized.

Bosch Custom Case Review

On the right-hand side, there is a push tab.  Just push it in and remove the row.  Want to move it somewhere else?  No problem.  Just find an open slot, insert the right side and push down on the row.  It will lock securely in place and you’re set to go.

These red trays can be removed and also bought separately to design a system around your needs.

As you guessed, you can really set it up in any configuration and hundreds of different options.  This is just a quick view of how easy it is to change.

If you want an empty case to store screws or other small items, no problem.  The cool thing about this is you can set it up for specific jobs.  If you do multiple jobs, you can have one for your electrical work since it might take more square bits, etc.  If you are doing other work, you can set it up with #2 Phillips.  Really this is all up to you and that is what makes this system so cool and so unique.

Take a look at the two links below to learn more about this system:

Bosch Custom Case Review Value

The boxes range from $20 to $30 and that includes the bits.  This is comparable to some of the other brands on the market, but this one has the organizational features.  So for me, this is an easy choice.

I know bits are like trucks where people either love or hate a certain bit.  I have always had great luck with Bosch, so it’s a win-win on the price.

Bosch Custom Case Review Final Thoughts

I have to admit, that when I first heard about the Bosch custom cases, I was extremely excited.  For all these years, it has been designed around the manufacturer and what bits they wanted to include and where they are located in the case.  Now as a consumer, I can design a bit case the way I want.  Sure you could do that before, but there was never a way to organize them.  You just had to throw them in a case and then dig around for the bit you want.  Bosch is making our lives easier which is always a plus.


  1. I’m also looking for the empty bit clips and I’m not having any luck. If you can’t purchase those then this system is limited because u need to purchase the preloaded bit clips which I don’t need, I want to load in Bosch bits I already own. I hope someone can find a place to purchase the easy load bit clips. Thanx.


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