Bosch Cordless Sander

Bosch Cordless Sander

Wow, I am sitting here and don’t know where to begin.  Do I talk about how Bosch is one of my favorite tool companies because of their quality or do I just talk about how they just released the best portable sander?  Not really sure but I can say this Bosch Cordless Sander is just another reason why I love Bosch Power Tools.

Bosch Cordless Sander Overview

So before I get started, I want to be honest and say I have a beef with Bosch.  As I said before, they are one of my favorite power tool brands.  I love their quality, the design, and the power, but I do have a serious problem with them.  Please, please release more power tools.  Yes, I know you have all the main ones and a bunch of niche tools which is awesome, but I want more.

I also get it, you have an automotive division that is huge and probably a great money maker.  I get it, you have appliances and more.  I get it, you are a huge company and power tools isn’t a huge moneymaker.  But as a tool guy, you make some of the best tools.  They are well-balanced, powerful, efficient, and make our lives easier.  So you can’t blame me when I say give me more.

This sander is a perfect example of why Bosch leads the way.  They may not always be first to market but when they do bring a tool to market, you can be assured that it’s probably one of the toughest, well-balanced, and a leader in its class.  This brings me to the Bosch Cordless Sander.

Bosch Cordless Sander Features

Bosch Cordless Sander

The GEX18V-5N is a Cordless Sander from Bosch.  This 5″ random orbital sander is designed for comfort and reliability.  The sander only weighs 2.4 lbs.

One feature you can not see but feel is the vibration damping element which helps reduce vibration and user fatigue.

The sander is powered by the Bosch 18V battery.  If you want to get the most out of this sander, the Core battery is the best option.

Bosch Cordless Sander

As you can see, it has a rubber over-mold design and feels like a traditional corded sander.

Bosch Cordless Sander

On the front of the sander, there is a push-button switch to turn the sander on and off.

On the side, there is a wheel dial to adjust the speed from 6,000 to 10,000 OPM’s.

The pad is a hook and loop design with 8 holes for dust collection.

Speaking of dust collection you can use the included dust bag or hook this up to a dust collection system.

Bosch Cordless Sander Performance

It’s hard to show a sander in action with just pictures but tried to show a little bit on a rough 2×4.  Also, check out our video below.  What I can’t show but I can explain is how comfortable and well-balanced this sander is.  This is mainly accomplished by the way they designed it with the battery in the back.

All the other sanders have the battery sitting on top or right next to the top of the tool which is great to have all the weight in the center but it also makes it hard to use for longer periods of time since your hand has to be wide open in order to grip the sander.  The gripping for this Bosch is more like a traditional corded sander which is comfortable.

This sander has one of the best dust collection systems around, corded or cordless.  I am not sure how they do it differently but it captures almost all of the dust.

Bosch Cordless Sander Value

You can pick this sander up on Amazon.  The bottom line, if you are looking for a sander, this is worth every penny.  I love the power, the balance, and the build quality.  As with other Bosch tools, you can’t go wrong.

Bosch Cordless Sander Wrap Up

Overall, I am pretty much sure you realize I am sold on this sander.  This is by far the best cordless sander on the market at the time of this article.  I love the balance and how easy it is to work with and control.  Next, I like the power and how I can dial it down to any speed to match my work.  As with any Bosch, the build quality is top-notch.  So if you want the best sander around, this is it, hands down.


  1. Im new to this stuff – so bear with me but would this sander be okay for sanding all the dusty joint compound off my walls? Or are there sanders designated for wood & others for drywall?
    And what’s the difference between the 18v & the 12v?

    • Yes, you could use this sander, but there are sanders designed for drywall that hook up to a dust collection system. You can even rent them so you don’t have to buy them. If it’s a smaller job and you don’t want to hand sand, yes you could use this sander. Regarding 12V vs 18V, it really comes down to size, runtime, and power. The 18V usually gives you more run time, usually more power and are usually larger tools.


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