Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

A while back we told you about the Bosch area lighting and we received some cool emails about this light.  Well, the time is now and we have one in our hands.  So let’s jump in and take a look at at the Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review Overview

When it comes to lighting, Bosch isn’t a power tool manufacturer that would first come to mind.  However, the Bosch lights we have tested, have all been great.  For their size, the quality and the value, they haven’t disappointed.

The one area I would love to see Bosch expand is tower lighting.  After working on my house project, I realize how important not only lighting is, but large lighting is.  There are plenty of times I was using small lights but it was nice having large tower lights in the area where I wasn’t having to move all the time.  So Bosch, if you’re listening, please release some cool lighting options for those who need large lights.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review Features

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

The Bosch GLI18V-1200C is designed with a plastic composite for durability and to lower the overall weight.  The light measures 8″ high and 5.5″ in length with a width of 8.5″. The light has an IP64 rating. A feature to note is the fade in feature.  The light slowly increases the intensity to full brightness to lessen the changes of flash blindness.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

You can power this light with either a Bosch 18V battery or the new Core Battery which will increase the run time.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

The 12 LED lights are protected by a hard plastic cover.  The lights have two modes, 1200 (10.6 hours 8Ah battery) or 800 lumens.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

To turn on and off, plus change the mode, there is a rubber push button located on top of the light.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light ReviewThe 18V battery is protected by a concealed bay door which does lock light.

One of the best features is all the angles you can set the light up.  Besides using the handles to carry the light around, you can also use the handles to adjust where the light shines.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review

On the bottom of the light, there is a 1/4″-20 thread for tripod use.

While I love the app and what you can do, I also realize that not everyone will be using the app.  However, it’s a great feature to have and it allows you to remotely turn on and off the light via BlueTooth.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review Performance

There are a couple of things that are hard to show in an article and one of them is lighting. A camera shows light in different ways so this is the best I can do and you will have to take my word on the rest.

Overall, the light is extremely bright and will easily light up any room.  I love the fact you can place the light on different planes and aim the light in a wide variety of angles. It’s amazing that 12 LED lights produce so much light.

While I love the light, I would have loved to see this in a hybrid where I can run it off a battery or power cord.  Not a buying deterrent but something to note.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review Value

You can pick this up for about $99.  Is it worth the price?  Considering it’s Bosch, yes I would pay that only because I have always had a great experience with them. The light is solid and bright.  Now if you are only getting this light and are not into Bosch, I am not sure if I would spend the money for this light, a battery and a charger.  For those who own Bosch, yes, I would get this light.

If you don’t own Bosch, I would take a look at their line as it’s vast, powerful and a workhorse.

Bosch Cordless Flood Light Review Final Thoughts

Bosch doesn’t have a ton of lights in their SKU, but the ones they do have are solid performers.  For me, I love this light for the size, the price, and the power.  I just wish they would expand their line into tower lights and higher output lights.


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