Bosch Announces New Area Light

Bosch Area Light

Job site lighting has come a long way over the years.  From incandescent lights to LED lights.  From corded lights to cordless lights, the list goes on. Bosch is taking it one step further with the Bosch Area Light.

Features & Information


  • Name – Bosch 18V Connected LED Floodlight
  • Model – GLI18V-1200CN
  • ReviewBosch LED Floodlight


  • Adjustable Brightness from 800 to 1,200 lumens
  • Run Time – up to 10.6 hours at 1,200 lumens with Bosch 18V Core 8Ah battery
  • Can connect to Bosch App – Control brightness, on/off, set timers and other options
  • Roll Cage for protection
  • IP64 rated
  • 1/4-20 tripod thread

Check out Bosch for more information – Bosch GLI18V-1200CN

Price & Release Date

The light will retail for $99 in the USA and $139 in Canada.  This price is for the bare tool and is currently on the market.

Our Thoughts

Quality – Having a quality light for the job is never a bad thing.  While we haven’t seen the light first hand, we know Bosch doesn’t mess around.  When they make a product, it’s tough and made to last.  So from a toughness standpoint, we have no worries about the build quality.

Brightness – 800 to 1,200 lumens is a great range for a wide variety of applications.  Now I am guessing this light is more in the 5K Kelvin range but not sure. But it would only make sense since getting clear vision is extremely important when painting and especially when dealing with electrical wires.

Size – The light is 8″ tall by 8.5″ wide by 5.5″ long.  With a battery not sure the overall weight.  Will be interesting to see if this is a light you can also use carrying around for drywall and painting work or if it’s geared more towards a set and forget type of approach.

Price – From what I see so far, $99 seems like this might be a good deal.  We know Bosch and the quality, it has a good lumen range and seems like it can be used for a variety of applications.

Wrap It Up

We are going to try and get our paws on one and see first hand about the light.  Our experience with Bosch lights in the past have been positive. They have been tough, price reasonably and ideal for the job site.  At this point, not really sure about the Bluetooth and how much that will be used.  However, I would always rather have more features than less.  Our experience with Bosch apps has always been positive.  In fact, they have some of the cleanest and easiest to use apps out of any power tool manufacturer.


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