Bosch Colt Palm Router – Electronic Viable Speed PR20EVS

Bosch Colt Palm Router

Here is the deal.  I love woodworking but by no means am I an expert.  As you know I am a huge fan of Bosch and love their tools.  Since I love woodworking and love Bosch, why not check out the Bosch Colt palm router, so here we are.

Bosch Colt Palm RouterBefore I get into stats I have to say that I love this router.  Now I haven’t built a bedroom set with it, but I have been using it and absolutely love it.  First, is the size and comfort.  I love these small routers for small jobs.  With the Bosch, it fits perfectly into my hand and it’s very comfortable.  I love the soft start feature so it doesn’t jerk your arm off when you start it.  Again, I am not a professional with routers, so the one thing I always notice is the first five seconds I am pushing the router instead of letting the router do the work.  However, because of this fault, I really had the chance to see how well this router works as it has a constant response.  The constant response means it will detect changes and will adjust the motor accordingly, which is a very cool option.

The router uses a 5.6 amp motor that will produce a 1 HP max.  On top of the router is a variable speed dial that will allow you to adjust the speed from 16,00 to 35,000 rpm.  I did notice that the dial doesn’t move or adjust by itself even under heavy conditions.  So you can feel confident that the speed dial will stay in place and not wander on you.  Making adjustments to depth is very easy.  There is a simple lever you can adjust and make your changes.  The router comes with with a wrench to change bits.

I used to be a huge fan of Porter Cable routers, but I have to say this is my second Colt and I am hooked on the Bosch palm routers.  There is just something about this that makes a job fun and easy.  If you are looking for a palm router, you have to check out the Colt router by Bosch.



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