Bosch Blaze Green LDM

Bosch Blaze

When it comes to LDMs (Laser Distance Measurer), Bosch is at the forefront.  They are known for having some of the best LDMs on the market.  In fact, some might say they have too many in their lineup.  But with such a broad selection, you’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect LDM for your specific application. So let’s jump into the Bosch Blaze Green LDM.

Bosch Blaze Overview

Bosch is one of my favorite power tool manufacturers.  While they are not always first to market, they offer some of the toughest tools around.  The LDMs are no different.  They are easy to use, reliable, and accurate.  Most LDMs use a red dot.  Here is where Bosch adds a flair to their system and uses a green dot.  A green dot is more expensive to produce but is easier to see.

Bosch Blaze Features

Bosch Blaze

The Bosch GLM165-27CG is designed to measure up to 165′. And according to Bosch it “uses green-beam technology, which generates a point/dot up to 4X brighter than standard red beams.” This LDM also provides accuracy up to 1/16″ and has an IP 65 rating.

One cool feature is you can use either the provided rechargeable battery pack or 2-AA batteries.  This is very helpful because we all know that when we need it the most, we forgot to charge the batteries.

Bosch Blaze

I love the push-button front panel.  Very easy to read, has responsive buttons, and is simple.

Bosch Blaze

The screen is large and easy to read even in brighter environments.

Bosch Blaze

The LDM comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging cable  It also comes with a protective case.

Bosch Blaze

Scrolling through all the options is easy and intuitive.

Bosch Blaze

On the back is where you can change the batteries or attach the LDM to a tripod.

Bosch Blaze Performance

Bosch Blaze

I have used a lot of different LDMs over the years.  This is by far the best one I have used.  Yes, it’s easy to read and see the green dot, but what I like best is the simplicity of the tool.  Taking a measurement is easy, but using the buttons and navigation is by far the best.  Sometimes these LDMs have too many buttons and too many features which can make them frustrating.  This one is easy to use and easy to navigate and why I think it is the best on the market.

Bosch Blaze

While I love this tool, I do have issues.  First, not everything fits in the case which is a little annoying.  I would like to have everything together and not all over the place because I know I will misplace something.  Second, which isn’t a deal-breaker, I wish they had a button on the side to take measurements and just not on the front.  Sometimes having a button on the side is easier because of how you are taking a reading

One note is on their site some people have complained they have had bad units. So I checked in with a couple of other users I know and they’ve had no issues with theirs.  And so far mine has worked great.

Bosch Blaze Value

You can pick this up at Lowe’s or The Home Depot for about $170.  For me, it’s simple, accurate, and easy to use so it’s a good value.  Plus it’s Bosch so you can be confident it will last.

Bosch Blaze Wrap Up

Bottom line, this is my favorite LDM on the market for ease of use, and reliability, and it does everything I need without all the cumbersome features.  If you are looking for a great LDM, this Bosch is your best choice and for $170, it can’t be beaten.


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