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Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review

Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review

With the amount of LDM’s on the market, it’s tough to carve out a front-runner, but Bosch has a strong lineup of laser measuring tools. The Bosch laser measuring tools are typically toward the front of the pack, making an easy purchase decision for most buyers like me. With that being said, specifically, the GLM-35 is no exception. As noted before, This product specifically is a great fit for anyone looking to get into a solid laser measuring tool without breaking the bank. Leave it to Bosch for high-end performance, with prices that make it tough for competitors to match! Let’s check out this LDM in the Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review.

Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review Overview

As a DIY’er, I was skeptical at first on how an LDM (Laser Distance Measurer) would fit into my toolbox. Naturally, it is a very useful tool, and at face value appears to be for pros – but think again. There aren’t many projects that I take on at home that require much more than a measuring tape and a marking tool. However, I’ve found that when doing project planning, an LDM can be valuable for time-saving. These devices can plan out exactly what you’ll need to do in order to measure twice and cut once.

The Bosch GLM-35 is just incredibly handy. In my time using the GLM, I’ve been able to recognize how even basic homeowner tasks can be simplified with its use. These weren’t even particularly “construction projects.” It may sound a bit comedic, but even when rearranging a bedroom, the GLM-35 came in handy to give me quick dimensions to plan out how much room I’d have for furniture. Who would have thought! Or even better, when I was expanding my workbench in my garage and needed some quick measurements when I left my trusty tape measure on my back porch. I may grow to really love this handy automated tool!

Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review Features

The compact nature of the GLM-35, paired with its handy backlit display is what I really liked. It was easy to throw it in my back pocket as I carried out measuring and marking tasks, even in low light.

I particularly enjoyed the rugged and robust build quality of the GLM-35. I felt safe knowing it can stand up to the bumps and tumbles associated with working around the house.

My most frequently used option was the real-time measurement option. This gives a true distance to your target as you move, with a maximum measuring range of 120 ft. Another nice feature is that the value is displayed for 5 minutes, leaving ample time to record data while working

While I was rearranging, I mostly used the length measurement. I did this by placing the unit in the desired “start” place and shooting the beam at the adjacent target for a distance value.

For more advanced measuring, volume, and total are measurements can also be taken.

The GLM-35’s advanced laser is accurate to approximately 1/16”, making for precise readings when working. Additionally, it can measure 1/32” as it’s lowest indication unit.

The GLM-35 is also cheap to operate, using (2) AAA batteries. This will give you roughly 4hrs of run time.

Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review Performance

I was very surprised that I not only had many uses for this laser but that it was also incredibly accurate and reliable. As a homeowner/DIY’er, the GLM-35 operated just as intended, and gave me more confidence with my measurements.

Overall, the light weight of the unit, backlit display, easy user interface, and overall construction was impressive. I certainly didn’t become nervous about my measurements once I was comfortable using the unit. This made for quick and easy marking and measuring, something that always seems to be a pain when working on projects. One thing is for sure, the next time I lay carpet, the GLM-35 will be right by my side. In my testing, even the more advanced user modes such as volume and area were interesting to demo. I was able to do the simple processes to get the data I was looking for much easier than the manual method!

Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review Value

Historically, the price of laser measuring tools is off-putting. However, Bosch has changed the game. The GLM-35 comes in right at 80 dollars on Amazon, although I have seen it as low as $45.00. making it perfect for those interested in a quality laser measuring tool that will last. This makes the GLM-35 fitting for entry-level users, DIY’ers, and certainly pros. Even myself, who was skeptical at first quickly became won over by its useful nature.

Bosch Blaze GLM 35 LDM Review Final Thoughts

I feel like a broken record when I say this, but I didn’t expect this tool to be so useful to a DIY’er like me! At this point, I’m wondering how I got along without one thus far! Overall, the simple user interface, stout build quality, handy features, and performance won me over. This is clearly the type of tool that you’d want to keep close by, and will end up using more than you would expect! In terms of the wide range of applications alone, I would suggest the GLM-35 as a great starter, or pro-LMD. And all things considered, no matter what trade you might be in, these things are just all around handy!

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