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Bosch 12v Oscillating Tool Review

Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Review

Bosch is known for their quality tools.  While they are not always first to market, they are always ranked as one of the highest and most quality power tool manufacturers around.  If you have been following us for a while, you know we love the Bosch oscillating tools.  They are powerful and smooth.  Doesn’t matter if you are looking at the corded version or cordless version, they are all top of the line.  Recently Bosch introduced their 12V oscillating tool so let’s take a look at the Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Review.

Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Review Overview

Bosch is known for their oscillating tools.  In fact, the 18V is one of the best cordless oscillating tools on the market.  As you can see, the 12V, while slimmer on the end where the battery is located, is still about the same length.  Sure, it’s not as long, but the length makes it easy to control.

There is a lot to love about the 18v so let’s see if the 12v has the same features and performance.

Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Review Features

When I usually start with a review I talk about the things I like about a tool, but this time I am going to mix it up because there are three things that stand out and I wish Bosch would do something about.  First, I can only find this as a bare tool.  This tool is awesome, I just think they need to have a package with the battery and the charger.

Second, what bothers me is there isn’t a case or tool bag for the tool.  Once I take it out of the box, what do I do with the tool?  I have to get my own bag?  I really wish Bosch would include a way to transport this tool.  I like having my batteries, charger and blades all with the tool.

I did say three things, but you will have to wait for number 3.

Bosch includes a case for the blades.  When you buy the tool, you do get one blade.  For me, I love this case because I use it all the time with my 18v tool.  I can have a bunch of extra blades and different types of blades.  They are all in one place and all protected.  Very cool case and glad they included it.

The tool is cordless so you do need a 12v battery to run the tool.  I would suggest buying a 2Ah battery.

Bosch designed the GOP12V-28 around a brushless motor, which means it’s efficient and will have a longer run time.  I am sure you want to know the runtime.  Well, it really depends upon your application.  Are you cutting hard wood or some pine door molding?

I love how Bosch kept the length long which means it’s more comfortable and very easy to control.  The tool only weighs 2 lbs.

The on/off switch is located on the top of the tool.  It’s very easy to access with your thumb and you can operate it all with a single hand.

The area you grab onto is slim and has a nice rubber texture for grip and comfort.

One item I love about this tool is the variable speed dial.  I love being able to control the speed and change the speed to my applications.  5,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute.

Bosch doesn’t have battery fuel status on the battery.  So Bosch did include this on the tool.  When you turn on the oscillating tool, you can see how much juice is left on your battery.

The tool is designed with the Starlock system which is awesome.  This keeps the blade in place and stays in place even if it binds.  Perfect for flush cuts.

Okay, now on to number three (remember there were three items that bothered me about this tool?).  For some reason I have to use a hex wrench to change the blade.  This means more time and I have to keep track of an extra tool.  The 18v has such a nice and simple way to change the blade.  I really wish they could have figured out a way to have the same system on their 12v.

Now to their credit, maybe it has to do with the size of the tool.  Maybe if they added that type of blade change system, the head might be too big.  This is designed for compact use and tighter areas.  However being a consumer, I want ease of use.

Looking down where you will be cutting, you have great vision and nothing on the tool will block your vision.  Plus the tool has a 2.8° oscillating arc.

Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Review Performance

We cut through a wide variety of material including this pine.  The oscillating tool is very smooth and I love the variable speed.

The tool is very easy to control.  So it doesn’t matter if you are cutting down some trim for flooring, an electrical box or something that takes more finesse, the tool performs smooth.

Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Review Value

You can pick up the 12V Bosch Oscillating tool on Amazon for about $120, which is the bare tool.  I haven’t seen a kit except overseas.  I don’t know if Bosch has plans to release a kit, they may just be testing the waters to see how the Americans grasp the 12V Bosch tools.

If you are in the Bosch 12V line, I would pick this up as it’s a great value for $120.  Now if you are not in the Bosch 12V line, I would suggest going with the Bosch 18V since the 18V line is huge, the 18V oscillating tool is one of the best on the market and it has the quick release function without adding much bulk.

Bosch 12V Oscillating Tool Final Thoughts

When it comes to oscillating tools, Bosch has designed a huge winner with their 18V and now their 12V tool.  The tool is easy to work with, easy to maneuver, powerful and doesn’t produce a lot of feedback on your hands and arms.  Anyone looking for a top of the line 12V oscillating tool should look at the Bosch GOP12V-28N.

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