Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

I have to admit that when I saw this detector I was a little disappointed.  I was really hoping it would show part per million when it took a reading.  However the more I thought about it, how many people really need to know the exact reading?  Most tradesmen just want to know if there is a leak.  So after I came to the realization, I was excited about trying this out.  So let’s check out the Klein Gas Leak Tester Review.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review Overview

While this isn’t new to the market, Klein came out with a simple solution to detect gas leaks.  Which makes this perfect for someone installing a water heater, boiler or anything gas related.  The last thing you want to do for a client is leave their house and leave a gas leak behind.

Sure, you can use the old soap and water trick but since there is technology available, why not use it?

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review Features

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

The Klein gas detector has a data range of ~50 to 10,000 ppm.  As you can see it goes off a bar meter instead of a digital readout.  You can choose between high and low or it will automatically tell you.  The two levels of detection are High (~50 to 1,000 ppm) and Low (~50 to 10,000 ppm).

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

The Klein gas detector has a total of 6 buttons.  On the top, you have a zero out button, mute the sound and an APO which is auto power off.  Below that are three more buttons.  Two for hi/low and a hold button.  On the very bottom, there is a blue button for on/off.  Once the unit is on it has a zero point calibration and will turn off after 10 minutes of non-use.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

The readout is very easy to see and understand.  The unit will light up low or high.  There are five red LED lights that increase with gas concentration plus an 85db audible alert.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

The unit also has a tripod mount.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

During our testing, it was extremely fast when we introduced a combustible gas to the unit.  We didn’t see much of a delay.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

The detector has an 18″ flexible gooseneck for those hard to reach areas.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review Value

The unit runs about $100 on Amazon.  We have seen detectors that are a little less expensive, but how much do you want to trust a no name for your leak detection?  Sure if it wasn’t a life-threatening event, I could see saving a couple of bucks, but not for this application.

We have also seen detectors that are much more expensive than this Klein.  Some will tell you parts per million but even the ones like the Klein that tell you a range, they tend to be more expensive than $100.

So with that, this is a bargain for the quality of tool and what you get.

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great gas leak detector.  While we wish it had part per million and a digital screen, not everyone needs that type of feedback about leaks.  Sometimes it is just as simple and as easy to detect a leak when installing a boiler, water heater, stove or something along that line.  So if you only need to really know if there is a leak, this is a great unit to own.


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