Actor Nick Offerman from Parks and Rec shows off his shop


Thanks to DR99 for finding this and posting it in our forum.  It seems Nick Offerman has a passion for woodworking.



  1. Wow I thought this was “Tools in Action”??? This past week it seems it’s been Crap in Action! Junk articles and no tools in actually action. Eric’s articles are much better. Dan I’m sorry dear but your slacking.

    • Awwww so sorry, I am just a loser. You are so right! We will rename it Crap in Action! In the past week I have only wrote one of the articles. I will have my resignation on Erics desk by Monday, so you can enjoy Tools In Action.

  2. Dan are u serious ..resignation..really like you and your
    reviews..never be same without you.hope your joking.cheers

  3. They need more people on their website then I’m sure they would have more tool review and repair articles. If all us tool junkies told four friends, and they told four friends and so on, it could work. They would be kings of the world.

  4. dan like review on dewalt toughbox …westlake sent me flyer ..has
    dewalt 24 tote and power tool case ,this has big handle over the
    top.dwst24070..hope its tough as your dewalt box..listing one im
    buying for 29.99 ..5.00 coupon ..10.00 reward points .hooray be
    buying it for 14.00 + tax…be really rough with this box.think
    going rough and tough take lot of punishment.sorry off topic..posting
    here.catch here….nice wood shop..more mechanical but
    like to see different kinds of shop.bye..dan in action rocks..done

  5. Wow Dan, not only do you have problems with women in real life, they don’t even like you in computer land. Well Lisa is right, my articles are much better. I am looking forward to your resignation on Monday. Now I just have to get a desk so you can put it on.

  6. poor dan everyone picking on him.Erik i don,t think
    dan quitting over a must really had his
    feelings hurt today.

  7. Hey guys, I have to say, I really enjoy this site alot, but I have to agree with the lady about the videos lately being strange and have nothing to do with tools, like that deer flying into the bus. Seriously??? Tools is why I come here. Damn girl that loves tools, now that’s HOT!!!

  8. “In for a shock”. What is it??!?

    Your changing the name of your website to “Tools In Jello”.

    Monday it will be revealed Eric really is God and Dan will be banished to Harbour Freight Tools forever.

    Your going to autotune your videos and go viral.

    There have been subliminal messages in all your videos. We are all under your control. Monday you flip the switch.

    Google bought your company for $23 billion.

  9. cool lisa like tools..nowadays seem females are
    using power and hand tools..still teaching my wife.she
    still scared of my air impact.want her to learn the
    basics..she gets all greasy..all the better.happen
    if get her under a munch fun teaching her.
    day im working on auto ..krista bring me a 14 mm wrench
    like i say..comes back with cresent wrench..have starter
    to put in tuesday…partner krista going get so dirty.
    she wants to learn to use lisa like to see
    you post of tools you girls are into tools
    want to learn to do auto and home repairs.garages never
    see me..own tools..garage.seriously if i was forced to
    live in my so ok with it…cheers

  10. Dan just keep on keeping on. Everyone needs a break once in a while, even some
    women. There goes another apple off the tree. The devil made me do it. It’s his
    fault. HANG IN THERE DAN.

  11. LOL! This response is directed towards Rick Williams since he had a question for me. Actually my realm profession has nothing to do with power tools. But I just love building things and ever since I was little I had thing for serious power tools. I think I own almost one of everything. My favs are Hammerdrills and impact drivers. Primarily Bosch and Hilti ones. This girl loves tools. I love to fix things as well.

  12. I think I am in love. LOL Sounds like you are the ideal woman fixer upper.
    Hammerdrills and impact drivers, holy catfish batwoman your a one woman wrecking crew. Keep on keeping on.

  13. cool lisa..happy u love your power tools..same for me.keep
    improving all the time on cordless tools.whats next drill
    that .happy wrenching.


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