ACDelco ARW1201 12V 3/8″ Ratchet Wrench


It’s no secret that the powered ratchet is one of my favorite tools.  It is great for getting into tight spaces and has the torque to break things free.  Last month we reviewed the Milwaukee M12 ratchet which set the standard for all ratchets.  Now we have the ACDelco ARW1201, how does it compare?  Well it is sort of a completely different animal. The ACDelco is designed to be more of a brute force worker than an option packed compact tool.  It is bigger than the Milwaukee, has an aluminum gear box housing and throws out more torque 57ft-lbs vs the M12’s 35ft-lbs, it also has 0-160 rpm vs – Milwaukee’s 0-250 rpm.  Both are powered by a 12V Lithium ion battery.

The kit comes with the tool, 2 12V Lithium ion batteries, a 15 min charger and a blow molded case.  The 15 Minute charge time is great, we used this tool for a few days at a marina and we did not even have to charge the battery once.  This is a pattern we have been seeing with ACDelco tools, the batteries hold power for quite a while which is great.  The tool weighs a hefty 3.08 lbs and like I said this is a heavy duty tool that is designed to withstand abuse by auto mechanics.  It has a standard 3/8″ head that fits standard 3/8″ sockets. The balance of the tool is good and has a bit of head weight to it.  When you pick up this tool the weight gives it a quality, heavy duty feel.


To sum it up, the ARW1201 is something I have come to expect from ACDelco.  They are producing heavy duty, no nonsense tools that work well and hold up to the daily abuse that a mechanic will put it through.  A couple things I would have liked to see added to this tool are, a trigger lock and also a LED light would have been nice for those dark tight areas.  If you need a powerful 12v ratchet that will stand up in any conditions, check out the ACDelco ARW1201.  This tool is Tools In Action Approved!




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