7 Tools Needed for a Demo Job

Hilti TE 6-A36

Last week we went to a small demo job and were talking at lunch about certain tools.  During this conversation we came out with a must have list for any demolition job.  The tools listed below will be able to tear, bust, destroy just about anything that stands in your way.

One of the simplest tools around – a Crow Bar.  Lets the user get good leverage while maintaing control over the item you are working with.

A wrecking bar is a must.  This is a lot smaller than a pry bar, but works perfectly for smaller spots, prying something when you don’t need all the leverage of a crow bar.

Ahh, the good old dependable hammer.  Need to pull some nails or bang something, the hammer is perfect.

Wire cutters are a must.  You will definitely get into a spot where you can not rip the wires out with anything, and you will just have to give in and use the wire cutters.  As much as we want to use bigger tools to destroy, sometimes we have to rely on the wire cutters.

All tools are fun, but a sledge is one rare tool where its man against structure, brute force.  Yes, there is technique for swinging a sledge so you don’t get worn down and get the most impact per swing, but when it comes down to it, its you against the object.  What more fun than that.

Any reciprocating saw will due, but you have to love the Milwaukee Sawzall as being one of the best.  This will take down just about anything.  In fact, most fire departments keep a reciprocating saw on trucks for extricating purposes.

Take this bad boy out when the big items come into play.  Not much will stand in the way of the Hilti AVR Breaker.  Lets you break through concrete with little power on the user side, this tool will pretty much do all the work.

Now we know their are other tools that come in handy, like a torch and other items, but we wanted to keep it simple and practical.  These 7 tools will help get the job done.



  1. Demo jobs go by much smoother when you have the right tools. Only items I would add are a power drill, auger, and chainsaw for those truly tough jobs. For you never know what you’ll need until you get on site.

  2. locking pliers over wire cutters, you can extract asbestos coated soft head nails extremely easily without ripping the heads off and if you get the right set they have wire cutters incorporated.


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