Home Improvement & Crafts Tools for Kids & Adults


It’s week two, day three of 2023 TIA Gift Guides and today we’re covering Home Improvement and Craft Tools for Kids and Adults. Whether you’re trying to encourage someone with a new hobby or want to impress a seasoned pro, we have a gift for you!

Home Improvement & Craft Tools for Kids

We admit, we didn’t originally intend to include kids tools and crafts on this list, but these items were too good not to share. Plus, these items are great for keeping kids busy and cutting back on the abundance of screentime kids can experience over winter break.

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CRAFTSMAN 8-Piece Junior Tool Set

Home Improvement and Craft Tools for Kids

These are not play tools. This kit is made with tools for kids 8 and up. It comes with a hammer, a wrench, two screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, tape measure, safety glasses, and a tool bag to put it all in. Don’t think of these as play tools. These are just slightly shrunken down versions of their parents tools and are great for introducing kids to construction projects.

This tool set also has over 2,000 reviews and a 4.9 star rating.

  • Amazon Review: “My grandson absolutely loved these tools! They are real tools just a smaller version of dads tools and perfect for them to handle. The tool bag also is very well made. Shipping was fast and would recommend the tools and seller also.”
  • Where to Buy: $41.99 on Amazon.


1,405 Piece Art & Craft Supplies for Kids with Storage Box

Home Improvement and Craft Tools for Kids

This kit is bound to keep kids busy for hours if not days. Includes plenty of craft tools that are safe for both younger and older children. Young children will still require supervision, but these items are safe enough for older children to safely craft on their own.

  • Amazon Review: “It had everything I wanted and a storage case for all of it. Made a perfect gift!”
  • Where to Buy: $32.99 on Amazon.


National Geographic Pottery Wheel for Kids

Home Improvement and Craft Tools for Kids

Teach your youngsters the basics of pottery with their very own two-speed pottery wheel. Kit includes two pounds of air dry clay, three pottery wheel attachments, three sculpting tools, six ceramic paints, a brush, apron, and more. Easy-to-read instructions are included.

  • Amazon Review: “I bought this for my 9 year old granddaughter for Christmas and she loved it!!! The attachments are functional. For an inexpensive product it is made very well. I bought air dried pottery along with what it comes with, this is the easier way to get their young talents working without the big mess?. A little adult instruction and off she was making her first pieces of pottery art on a very strong pottery wheel?? Great choice I made on this one?”
  • Where to Buy: $69.99 on Amazon.


SAOMER 130 Piece Macrame Kit for Beginners

Home Improvement and Craft Tools for Kids

The best art is art you get to enjoy every day. Teach the young crafter in your life about the expansive art of macrame and they will soon be creating their own wall decor, table runners, hanging plant holders and more that they can decorate their room with or give as gifts.

  • Amazon Review: “I am new to the macrame world and this kit has been a perfect start! There’s a helpful booklet included with designs that a beginner like me cold figure out! Would definitely recommend to a friend”
  • Where to Buy: $33.95 on Amazon.


SparkJump DIY Candy Dispenser Wood Building Kit for Kids

Home Improvement and Craft Tools for Kids

It can be a struggle to get a kid excited about building something especially if they have never built anything before. But add candy and I’m sure it won’t be a problem. This kit is designed for kids between the ages of four and eight, but is a great activity for the whole family.

Available as a one pack or 10. Not into candy? There is also a car or guitar kit available.

  • Amazon Review: “My son loved this we had so much fun putting it together. The directions were clear and everything came out better than expected. I will be buying one for my nephew this was so fun”
  • Where to Buy: $44.99 on Amazon.

Home Improvement & Craft Tools for Adults

These gifts are perfect for beginner and experienced crafters and builders.

I Can Totally Make That by Petite Press. DIY Project Panner Notebook

This book could be on either the kid’s or adult’s list. It’s either a thoughtful and convenient project planner for your DIY friend, or a great way to help new and young DIY’ers learn how to map out their projects from beginning to end.


Brother Sewing Machine “Project Runway” Limited Edition 50 Built-in Stitches and LCD Display

Home Improvement and Craft Tools

50 unique built-in stitches, LCD display, automatic needle threader–do I need to go on? This sewing machine will completely spoil the budding seamstress on your shopping list.

  • Amazon Review: “This is an excellent machine for beginners and advanced users. I bought it for my mom but I had to learn about how to use it to show her as she was intimidated by the technical aspects of it. The lcd and push buttons. Her old machine was also a Brother machine she had forever which was all manual.I don’t know much about sawing so while the instructions are decently written I am not familiar with the terminology. Having said that I did find the machine easy to setup and easy to use. I tried a few runs on my own which resulted in a few laughs from my mom due to newbie mistakes but I soon got the hang of it the last few runs were almost perfect. I was then able to show my mom how to use it and she loved it.”
  • Where to Buy: $999 on Amazon.
  • Beginner Alternative: The Brother Sewing Machine XM2701 is a great alternative for the seamstress in training. Only $129.99 on Amazon.


Cricut Maker 3 The Ultimate Holiday Starter Set

Home Improvement and Craft Tools

Our Cricut is one of the best things we have ever bought. We have made at least a hundred custom gifts for our friends and family and have more ideas on the way. This starter kit is perfect for a beginner. In addition to the Cricut Maker 3 and tons of sampler material, this comes with 30 images from the Cricut Maker app so anyone can get started as soon as they are done unboxing it.

Also, Cricuts aren’t just for cutting vinyl. We have used them to make stencils and our own custom confetti, and a Cricut is overall great for various paper crafts.


Magpie Magnetic Wristband for Screws, Nails, Drill Bits & More

Home Improvement and Craft Tools

This not even $10 purchase is the perfect assistant to any tool guys and gals on your list. This wristband is made with 10 extra strong magnets to hold nails, bolts, screws and more during projects.

  • Amazon Review: “Great gift for the handyman/woman. No more dropping extra screws! I love it!”
  • Where to Buy: $9.99 on Amazon.


Glass Bottle Cutter for Craft Projects

Home Improvement and Craft Tools

I’m a sucker for glass bottle art and if I had this I might finally turn the bottles I’ve been hoarding in my basement the past five years into something cool like these.

This cutter is guaranteed for over 400,000 cuts, easily adjusts to cut up to 20 in. bottles, and the kit includes cutting blades, oil, rings, and more.

  • Amazon Review: “This has to be the best bottle cutter out there. The set is very well built and easy to use. The thing I liked the most is that the kit is complete. Everything you will need to start cutting bottles is included in the box. Our order for this showed up very quickly and in perfect shape. I would recommend the to anyone.”
  • Where to Buy: $26.97 on Amazon.


xTool F1 2-in-1 Dual Laser Cutter & Engraver

Home Improvement and Craft Tools

I admit, this is for the serious crafter. But this laser cutter and engraver makes art. Maybe you are developing your own craft, or you have a crafty friend that you want to encourage to follow their passion? This tool will help them get to the next level.

  • Amazon Review: “This thing is amazing, I mean I’ve been engraving so much since I’ve had it, some things come out so nice it’s just magic. Then I have them moments when I’m like what did I do wrong, and it’s all user error in my case. It allows you to become creative in ways you never imagined. It comes with free software for Mac/PC/iOS/Droid making it very easy to get started, the framing feature allows you to see the area that’s to be engraved. It does metals, slate, wood, leather, and much more.”
  • Where to Buy: $1,799.99 on Amazon.

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