12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 6

Christmas Gift Guide

Yesterday we covered LDM’s which are great for those who are making longer measurements and need extreme accuracy.  Today we are covering a tool designed for shorter measurements.  Where you need durability, accuracy, and dependability, so let’s take a look at Day 6 Gift Guide Idea.

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 6

Crescent-Lufkin Tape Measure

  • Name – Shockforce 25-ft Tape Measure
  • Model – L1125
  • Price – $28
  • Where to BuyLowes

Crescent-Lufkin Tape Measure

  • Name – Shockforce NITE EYE 25-ft Tape Measure
  • Model – L1125B
  • Price – $30
  • Where to BuyLowes

Milwaukee Tape Measure

Why a Tape Measure Makes the Perfect Gift

Above I picked three different tapes for a variety of reasons.  If you pull up Home Depot, Lowes or Amazon, you will see hundreds of different options.  I used to use the Stanley Fat-Max but over the last couple of years, I switched to Milwaukee and most recently, Crescent.

The Milwaukee tapes I have been using for a while.  I love how durable and dependable they are.  They are smooth and easy to read.  The Cresent brings a new light with a much smaller footprint, lightweight and easy to read, especially the NITE-Eye version.

A tape measure might be a small gift but it’s practical.  You will always need a tape no matter what project you are doing.  If you are hanging a picture or building a house, the tape is the go-to tool.

A tape measure makes a perfect gift because it won’t cost an arm and a leg, something practical you or someone else will always use and who doesn’t like a great tape?  I have had a chance to test and use a lot of tapes over the years and these three are by far my favorite.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of tape measures to choose from.  I picked these three tapes because this is what I have been using for my projects and I love them.  The Milwaukee is extremely durable and has been dependable.  The Crescent has brought a new light with its size and Nite Eye.  All three of these tapes are great for a professional as well as a homeowner.


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