12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 5

Christmas Gift Guide

Tape measures are great but they do have their limitations if you’re looking to make longer measurements by yourself.  Anyone looking for a quick, easy and accurate way to take measurements or know someone who is, today’s gift idea is right up your alley.  So let’s check out Day 5 of our 12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas.

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 5

Bosch LDM

  • Name – Bosch Compact Blaze 65′ Laser Distance Measure
  • Model – GLM 20
  • Price – $39
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • ReviewsBosch Power Tool Reviews

Bosch LDM

  • Name – Bosch Bluetooth Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display
  • Model – GLM 50 C
  • Price – $99
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • ReviewsBosch Power Tool Reviews

Why Bosch Makes the Perfect Gift

Taking an accurate measurement is key, especially on a bigger job because being a little off on measurement can mean hundreds, if not thousands of dollars wasted.  Even if you are on a small job and just wanted something easy to use, an LDM can be your best friend.

Today we have two LDM’s, the Bosch GLM 20 and the Bosch GLM 50 C.  I picked these two because they are on each side of the spectrum.  The GLM 20 is inexpensive and takes measurements.  While the GLM 50 C is packed with features and a beautiful color screen but you will pay more.  If either of these two is not what you are looking for, bosch offers a lot more models in between these and makes it easy to find the model that is right for you.

I went with Bosch over other power tool manufacturers because they excel in this field and are known for the best LDM’s for the price, features and build quality.  Sure you can go with something a little cheaper but if you are in the field of taking measurements, you want to make your life easier, which the Bosch does.  The batteries last a long time, it’s easy to use, accurate and will last even when you drop it on the floor, which you will do.

Final Thoughts

Bosch is known for its LDM.  They are known for their quality, accuracy and they offer plenty of models so you can get the features you need for your job.  When it comes to LDM’s, you have a lot to choose from but there is really only one option and that is Bosch.  This is not for everyone but those in the field of needing accurate measurements, they need a durable product and this makes a great gift.


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