12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 11

Christmas Gift Guide

If you have kids or a tire that never stops leaking, then you understand why Day 11 is a very practical gift idea.  While I use a lot of tools, an inflator is probably one of my most used tools as I have two kids and a front tire that I need to fix.  While there are a lot of inflators to choose from such as the Airhawk (which I think is junk), I would personally invest in the following two inflators.

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12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide – Day 11

Ryobi Inflator

Milwaukee Inflator

Why an Inflator Makes the Perfect Gift

I have been using inflators for a long time and I get so much use out of them, I think it’s just such a practical gift.  I have the Milwaukee in my garage and it is my go-to when I need to fill tires.  I can set the pressure, push a button and it stops when it hits the target.  Even the brass connector is well thought out and the overall inflator is high quality.

Ryobi has a bunch of inflators on the market.  I have been using a previous model that I love.  That older model I use inside the house or when we go camping.  It’s a perfect solution.  The newer model I have now, we are still reviewing, I have been using for a couple of weeks and love it.  While it’s more expensive than the older model, it is better quality.

Besides both being good quality, both offer a large battery platform where you can expand into other tools and use the same battery platform, which is a huge plus.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line, an inflator is a lifesaver for those who have kids and are tired of blowing up rafts, balls and everything else that involves air.  It’s great for people camping to blow up their mattress or to keep in your truck as you all know that trailer tires always seem to go flat.  Looking for a perfect gift, check out the Ryobi and Milwaukee inflator.


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