Wiss Aviation Snips Review

Wiss Aviation Snips Review

Wiss is a company you may or may not be familiar with. For me, they are a company I hadn't heard of until a couple of years ago. However, they have a long history and date back to well over 100 years ago. So let's just say they have the experience to make some great hand tools for the trades. So let's take a look at the Wiss Aviation Snips Review and see if they are worth the $12.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review Overview

Besides impact drivers and other power tools, hand tools are a major piece of arsenal for an HVAC, roofer and other tradesmen. So what are aviation snips?

Aviation snips fall into one of two categories, Tinner snips, and Aviation Snips. The main difference between the two is the pivot points. Tinner snips have a single pivot point and are more like scissors while Aviation snips have two pivot points for more leverage.

Aviation snips were designed for aviation manufacturing purposes but have taken on more rolls over the years. Aviation snips are not designed for long cuts into metal, that would be better served by Tinner snips. There are three styles of Aviation snips, straight, left or right.

Aviation Snips have color-coded handle to let the user know what the Snips are used for.  Yellow is designed for straight cuts, red is designed for left cuts and green is designed for right cuts.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review Features

Wiss Aviation Snips Review

The Wiss Aviation Snips feature a spring-loaded pivot point for quick and easy cuts.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review

As we talked about before, these have yellow handles so they are designed for straight cuts. They are not just for straight cuts but these are also designed for left and right cuts.

As with other compound snips, these have a latched safety lock to keep them closed in your tool bag or pouch.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review

These snips are made with molybdenum steel to help ensure strength and have non-slip serrated jaws for cutting efficiency.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review Performance

Right now I am working on my house and we are installing AC with new duct work so I have had the chance to use these to mess around and make some cuts. For me, I think they are comfortable and they are very easy to work with, plus they cut nice.

I gave them to my HVAC guy and he summed it all up, they feel great and they work so what is there to complain about? He has been using them for this install job and likes them a lot.  Since they are new, he said he will let me know in a year or two to see how they hold up but he has used this type of tool for the past 10 years and he would feel comfortable saying they are built to last.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review Value

You can pick these up at The Home Depot for about $12 which I think is a great value.  Sure you can find some snips for less or spend more, but for what you get, this is worth the price.

Wiss Aviation Snips Review Final Thoughts

I am not using snips every day, but when my HVAC guy says he likes them and he is using this type of hand tool every day, well that goes a long way in my book. For me, I like the feel, it cuts very easy and the price is right. In the end, what else could I really ask for? Even on Home Depot website, it has over 550 ratings with a 4.5 rating so that says a lot about how others feel about these snips.


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