Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review

Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review

If you have ever been to the tool section at Home Depot, then you are familiar with the name Husky. Husky is a brand name that tries to give you a great value for a quality product. Over the last couple of years, Husky has changed and has increased the quality of their products, such as their tool organizers. They are now doing the same for their hand tools. Husky is trying to increase their quality but not increase their prices. Last year we had the chance to see some of these new products first hand and were impressed with their changes and the quality they are offering. So let’s jump into the Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review.

Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review Overview

Before we move forward, I know they call this a mechanics tool set, but for me, this is for anyone looking for a good set. Husky is geared towards the homeowner so not really sure if a daily mechanic would jump into this set. However, if I am wrong, please leave a comment below.

If you have looked around, you know how much sockets sets can range. You can get a cheap set or spend thousands of dollars. Since I am not in the business and just need a set for around the house, I am not spending a ton of money. I just want a set that has a variety of sizes and doesn’t cost a lot. I went with a cheap, no-name set a while back and that was a huge mistake. I learned my lesson, and this time I went with a name I know, Husky.

This set is the Husky 105 piece set that features 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ which is perfect because I have different size impact wrenches and I am always looking for sockets to fit each of them. The model number on the Husky Mechanic set is 1002 338 437.

Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review Features

The Husky set is a 105 piece set. I really only wanted this set for the Socket Wrench, Sockets, and wrenches. Here is what the kit includes

  • Three 100-position ratchet
  • Long handle ratchets (1/4, 3/8, 1/2 in.)
  • (1) 3/8 drive 100-position gimbal palm ratchet
  • (4) extension bars
  • (15) standard length 1/4 in. drive knurl grip universal sockets
  • (8) deep 1/4 in. drive knurl grip universal sockets
  • (16) standard length 3/8 in. drive knurl grip universal sockets
  • (15) deep 3/8 in. drive knurl grip universal sockets
  • (12) standard length 1/2 in. drive knurl grip universal sockets
  • (10) long beam universal combination wrenches
  • (21) other accessories

All the wrenches, sockets and socket wrenches feature an industrial black finish which is made to last and take a beating. On the inside of the case, there are stamped markings with sizes for easy identification.

So as you can see you really do get a variety of sockets, wrenches and other items in this set which makes it great for starting out and someone looking to add to their socket collection.

Husky Mechanic Tool Set Review

The three socket wrenches feature a 100 position ratchet that has a low profile head and a 3.6° arc swing.

Husky Mechanic Tool Set Review

The wrenches have a grip open end design that provides up to 80% more grip and reduces the chance of rounding of nuts or bolts.

The 66 standard and deep knurl sockets are universal and will work on six different styles of fasteners.

  • 6-Point
  • 12-Point
  • Square
  • E-Torx
  • Spine
  • Partially Rounded Hex

Each socket features a knurl ring and tapered design which means you can grip them easier and spin them with your fingertips. The husky sockets feature a laser etched marking on the side.

Husky Universal  Mechanic Tool Set Review Performance

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of these sockets. While I wish the socket wrenches were a little bigger and more comfortable, the socket wrenches, sockets, and wrenches all have a very nice feel to them. The 100 position works great and allows you to get into tighter areas and still get work done.

Husky Mechanic Tool Set Review

As far as the storage box, I am not a huge fan. While I like the stamped sizing inside for easy identification, the latches are very cheap. In fact, after a couple of times, the right latch doesn’t even lock. For me, it’s not a big deal because this set isn’t for transportation. I am taking it all out and putting it in my toolbox.

Husky Mechanic Tool Set Review

I am working on my house right now and used a couple of the sockets to drive home some 5″ lag screws. I know the impact wrench is doing the work, but the 16mm socket had a nice fit to the head of the lag.

Husky Mechanic Tool Set Review

Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review Value

You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $170. I know these type of kits are expensive, but I would still like to see this priced around the $140 mark. I would still buy it at $170 but if I didn’t know any better, the price might make me shop around.

In the end, if you part this kit out, you will pay a lot more than $170 so yes, it’s a good value.

Husky Universal Mechanic Tool Set Review Final Thoughts

This is one of the best starter kits around. The price is right, the socket wrenches are smooth. The sockets are quality sockets that fit nicely and have thick walls, so they will last for years. With a lifetime warranty, it’s hard to go wrong. Anyone looking for a good kit that has a variety of size and uses, this is a great kit to take a look and see if it’s right for you.


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