Trend T4 Plunge Router Review


We recently received this router from Trend. I anxiously awaited its arrival and have been excited to put it to the test! When the T4 router arrived I was impressed with the full-size carrying case. It has plenty of room to fit the router and accessories.

Power Tool Review– Trend T4 Router

Power Tool Model– U*T4EK

Pros: Lightweight, Powerful motor, Good carrying case, Lots of accessories, Well- balanced, Easy to use.

Cons: Loud at top speeds, Spindle Lock Assembly can become dislodged.

Specifications for Trend T4 Router;

Rating Hobbyist/ Light Trade
Plunge stroke 0-1 3/8″
Power Input 1.1 hp
Amps 6.6 amp
Standard collet dia 6mm, 1/4″ & 8mm
Dust spout size 1 3/8″
Template Guide bush dia 5/8″
No load speeds 11500-32000 rpm
Tool/Ship weight 7.7 lbs
Bit dia. max 1 3/16″
Voltage 120 volts

The Trend T4 is a Hybrid router, not quite a full-size router, but larger than a trim style router. Think of it as a trim router on steroids then throw in a nice plunge base. Did I mention it also can be used as a die grinder?

The Trend T4 weighs in around 8lbs, with a 1.1HP motor (6.6 amps). It features a variable speed dial ranging from 11500-32000 no load rpm. The electronic variable speed dial is located at the top of the router making it easy to access and limits your chance of accidently changing the speed.

After using the Trend T4 router a while I started liking the features, more and more. I liked the overall pressure on the base springs, not too stiff. The plunge lever is easy to access, nd easy to operate. Removing the plunge base is easy as well. Remove the collet nut then loosen the base locking nut.

The T4 features a 3 position turret stop with an adjustable depth stop, making repeated plunge cuts a breeze. Each Turret is adjustable for fine tuning.

Another accessory included with the T4 was a dust extractor spout. This is an extremely nice feature to have when using the router in your shop. It works very well, and keeps dust to a minimum. It’s made of clear plastic making your work piece visible. It’s held in place with two screws through the bottom of the base, and allows the router to move up and down inside for a near dust free fit.

Another accessory included, and is a must for a plunge router is the fence. The guide is easy to mount, and works pretty well.

If you were wondering why the 14mm wrench has a square notch cut out of the side? It’s used to hold the fence rods in place while you tighten them down.

Lastly the T4 includes 3 different collets.

  • 8mm Collet
  • 6mm Collet
  • 1/4″ Collet


The Trend T4 has a great niche in the market.  It’s well placed to do most hobbyist, and light-duty routing tasks around the home or shop. It’s packed with features, and comes with just about everything you’ll need to complete any task. It’s lightweight, well-balanced and easy to use.


  1. I have two of the T4 routers and do have the same gripe with both of them. The adapter to use Porter Cable bushings is inaccurately drilled in both cases. Mount a dovetail bit and you will chew up the brass bushing. It’s that way on both of my routers. I had intended to set up each router for the two steps to make 25 drawers with a through-dovetail jig. The router with the dovetail bit setup chewed the bushing and the router set up with the straight bit could not be centered for consistency. Not the least bit happy with this experience. If there is a way to center these accurately I haven’t found it.

  2. My T4 router is very useful, but the plunge mechanism sticks at the top. Given a sharp rap on the top of the tool, the plunge releases, then works smoothly. I’ve tried to lubricate the mechanism, with no success. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  3. avoid this router unless you want to get into a coin toss. I bought one of these about 18 months ago and it only seen the light of day about 6-8 times to mortise hinges on aprox 20 doors max.last week I was routing hinges when the motor burned out. It’s after this that I have read reviews online and found that about 50% of the reviews highlight almost exactly the same situation that I have experienced. It is clear that trend have a problem with this model but insist on foisting this worthless piece of junk on an un-suspecting public without compunction. In addition they are all too glad to hind behind their 12 month warranty.

    on the other hand there are about 20% of the reviews that I have read that give no complaint about this router and actually praise the router. So on that point I have only two things to say, Heads or Tails and Buyer Beware.

    My advice save up a bit more money and put it towards a tried and trusted brand of router.

  4. I don’t like the switch; easy to release and turn off, but difficult to press in and push up.
    Haven’t used mine much. Turned it “on” this morning and it was dead.

  5. Owning a T4e, is like owning a 50ies MG, poor quality, and needs work daily.

    The overall quality is very poor, the plunge slide, very sticky, almost usless.


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