Mastercraft Maximum Router Bit Set 20 Pieces – 054-6813-2


Having a good set of router bits is extremely important.  Not only will a good set produce great work, but it will also put less wear and tear on your router.  The easier a router bit cuts through the wood, the less heat buildup in the router and the more use you get out of your router.


As you guessed, this review is for a router bit set.  This is a Mastercraft Maximum Router Bit Set.  The model number is 054-6813-2.  There are 20 different router bits in this set and they come with a lifetime warranty.  They all use a ¼” shank.  The bits have a Titanium Carbide cutting edge which provides a smooth cut and helps the bits stay sharper longer.

One of the biggest things you will notice on these bits is the three flute design.  While most bits have a two flute design, Mastercraft decided to go one up and use a three flute design.  As we noted above, having a good router bit set not only produces great work, but helps lower wear and tear on your router.  The three flute system can provide a cleaner and smoother finished cut, which is always key.

Obviously we would like to say these are the best bits we have ever tested, but it’s hard to say.  We would have to use them long term .  By looking at a bit and seeing its construction, it is still hard to tell how great router bits are.  Believe it or not there is a lot of design that goes into a router bit and making one.  Anytime a manufacturer skimps on part of the manufacturing process, the router bits degrade and the quality isn’t there.  With that said, we have been using these for three week and have put them to good use.  They have being doing great.  They have stayed sharp and produced quality cuts.  We like the design of these bits and the materials used to make these bits.  The fact that Mastercraft uses Titanium cutting edges and a three flute system and are backed by a lifetime warranty tells us that these bits are made to last and we feel confident you will like them also.


  1. Hey, guys–Looks like a nice set of bits; they seem to be a better design (three flutes) than most others. They should cut smoother with fewer tear-outs, even on plywood. I didn’t see any mention of a price, so I went to Costco’s website. The site doesn’t list tools, so I’m guessing there is only in-store availability. And availability may even be regional. For the price-conscious, did you know that Costco also has a “Funeral” section on their website? You can get a cheap coffin AND have it packed with all of your favorite snacks for your Eternal Rest, What more could you ask for?


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