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Wilton BASH Sledghammers

I am not a fan of wood handled sledge hammers.  They can easily get damaged when an over strike occurs.  Luckily Wilton has come...

Wilton Tradesman Vises: Quality American Craftsmanship

To me, a bench vise is easily the coolest piece of shop equipment there is. If you're setting up new bench, the right vise...

Wilton 10010 All-Terrain Vise – The Vise that Goes Everywhere

A vise is a great tool.  It can be used for clamping your work and even for shaping/bending material.  The only thing that sucks...

Wilton – 745 5″ Mechanics Vise 21400 – Review

A bench vise has many uses and is a must have in any garage or workshop.  Wilton makes some good vises and we recently...

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