Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

Its hard to believe that just a few years ago cordless tools weren't the mainstay in the tool world. We had our drills and a few other tools, but the battery technology just wasn't there quite yet to give tools all the power they need. Now we have brands introducing tools we would have never expected in cordless forms at an unprecedented rate. With advances coming quickly, batteries can do more than we ever imagined possible. Get the low down on the Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review below.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review Overview

Now, I love Ridgid for several reasons. I think of them as one of the best value in tools out there. Producing tools that both homeowners and professionals love while keeping the price point fair. I don't necessarily think of them as being at the forefront of technology though. They seem to wait for everyone else to work out the kinks that happen in new launches.

Ridgid seems to be looking to be a bit more cutting edge in the coming year, with new product launches that are sure to excite every tool lover out there. Most notably, the Octane line of tools will be ones to watch for, and ones that will give the most performance out of these new batteries. With bigger, more advanced batteries, I think Ridgid is setting the stage for adding more cordless power hungry tools, much like we have seen from Milwaukee and Dewalt in the last year.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review Features

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

Ridgid will release three different battery sizes in the Hyper Octane line 3Ah, 6Ah, and 9Ah. For this review, we will be looking at the 6Ah battery. These are all 18V batteries and will work on all of Ridgid's 18V tools. Ridgid includes a 3-year warranty on the battery as well.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

The 6Ah battery will feature a 65% boost in performance when paired with a Ridgid Octane tool. The battery has the ability to sense the power demand when used with these tools, and will undoubtedly increase battery life with that.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

The 4X runtime over standard Lithium-Ion batteries will improve job site conditions greatly.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

The Bluetooth technology allows for a simple sync to your phone to provide more than 15 different notifications about your battery. The Ridgid battery app also allows for security features such as locate, lock and disable should you ever need to remotely control your battery or tools it is connected to. As well, battery status and diagnostic information such as temperature is available in the app.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

Battery Status features include estimated charge time and total hours used.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review

The 6Ah battery is comparable to the former Hyper Li 5.0Ah battery from Ridgid and actually seems a bit smaller.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review Performance

So, one thing I originally thought was a bit cheesy was Bluetooth technology on a battery. Perhaps this is a testament to me getting older, but I just didn't get the need. Now though, I see it as quite an asset to add to your tools. Not only are you able to add an additional layer of security to locking your battery and preventing its use, but you can also track the location should you misplace it. The diagnostic side of the Bluetooth feature is beneficial too, as battery level and temperature are helpful. There is a lot of development that goes into batteries like these, in just arranging the cells there is a lot to consider. Creating larger batteries while keeping the footprint as small as possible is no easy task.

The runtime was impressive on this battery too. We should expect to get even better runtime with their new Octane tools that will be launching in the coming months. Using it with my Ridgid Belt Sander, one of my favorite battery drainers, I used it about 40 minutes before finally saying it won and there was still one line on the battery. The charge time is advertised at 75 minutes, which is fairly accurate if you were on 0 bars. While they work with all of Ridgid's 18V tools, I am eager to see the performance with the tools these batteries are optimized for.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review Value

The Batteries will be sold in several configurations and likely more to come. At the time of posting the single 6Ah battery retails for $129.00 at The Home Depot. Additionally, there are listings for two packs of the 3Ah batteries, 6Ah batteries, and 9Ah batteries retailing at $139, $159, and $199, respectively. I did notice that not all were available for immediate shipping but I am sure this will be improving in the coming months. I definitely think, as is normal with batteries that buying in multi packs is a good way to improve the value of the batteries. While alone they are fairly priced given the current prices for bare batteries, they still cost a pretty penny.

Ridgid Hyper Octane Bluetooth Battery Review Final Thoughts

Ridgid makes huge strides in their battery lineup with this launch, stepping forward as one of my personal favorites for batteries available now. I am eager to see the new Octane Tools, which promise even better performance. Even as it sits though, these batteries are awesome. It seems the users at Home Depot agree as well, earning 4.9 stars as of this posting. If you own Ridgid tools or are considering a new lineup, I would definitely take a good look at the new Ridgid Hyper Octane Batteries.


  1. I’m very happy with my rigid tools so far I use the angle grinder and cordless fan daily and the impact /driver set never back down not to mention the mighty octane ricip saw ,I work with power tools every day on the job using Milwaukee and dewalt but choose to purchase rigid for own l personality rigid is the best in cordless power tools although DeWalt has the most powerful impact with the xkr


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