Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

I know I am supposed to save my opinion for later in the article but I don’t have the patience to wait. Spoiler alert- this tool is a must-have. Even if your not part of the Makita family, this hybrid tool is something that should be in your arsenal. The tool is powerful, has multiple functions and is compact. This is one of my favorite new tools to hit the market in 2018. So let’s take a look at the Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review Overview

If you take a look at your tool line up, I am pretty safe saying you have a drill/driver and an impact driver. I would also guess you have a separate cordless hammer drill because we all know they are a bigger tool and heavier. So, why own just a hammer drill when you don’t always need that function?

What would you say if I could show you a way to take all three of those tools and not have to carry them all around with you or even store them? Actually, Makita came up with an 18V solution to create a professional hybrid tool that acts like a drill/driver, hammer drill and impact driver and all in a single tool.

What’s even more impressive is the size of the tool and the power it offers. Now I am not saying if you use your hammer drill day in and day out, this is going to replace that. I believe this tool has a sweet spot for those who use a combination of these tools on a daily basis and it’s nice to have a single tool to do it all.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review Features

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

The Makita XPT02Z is built around a brushless motor and delivers four full functions to the user. This hybrid tool is designed to drive lags, screws (Even has clutch settings), drill into concrete, wood, plastic, metal and more. This is a truly versatile power tool. The tool weighs 3.9 lbs and that is with a battery.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

The tool is powered by a Makita 18V battery.

As noted this tool has four functions

  • Drill/Driver – 0-700 & 0-2,700 RPM
  • Impact Driver – 1,330 in.lbs. of Max Impact Torque
  • Hammer Drill – 0-700 & 0-2,700 RPM and 0-8,400 & 0-32,400 BPM

You can set mode by rotating the sleeve to the desired position.

On the base of the tool is where you can control other settings such as speed and clutch settings, plus the light and battery fuel status.


The tool uses a 1/4″ chuck so you will have to invest into new drill bits or other accessories that will work with this as it doesn’t have an adjustable chuck. This does provide for easy and quick bit changes.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

The tool uses a variable speed trigger which is easy to control.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

As with other drill/drivers and impact, the forward and reverse are located just under the head which you can control with your thumb or finger.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

The grip has a rubber overmold. Personally, I like this grip as it not only comfortable but the handle isn’t too big or too narrow which can make a tool uncomfortable. It is sized just right.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

On the top of the Hybrid tool, you can adjust the speed setting from 1 to 2.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review Performance

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

The Makita hybrid performs like a champ. I love how easy it is to feather a screw into place and the overall feel of the tool.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

Drilling a hole using a spade bit is just as easy. Using a 1″ spade bit, this jams through wood and you don’t get all the feedback you get with some other drills on the market.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

Even a simple drill bit performs and does a great job. Very easy to control and work with.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review

With the hammer drill function, here is where you notice a difference. While this still performs awesome, it doesn’t keep up with the bigger hammer drills. So if you are using a hammer drill day in and day out, I would stick with a dedicated hammer drill. However, there are plenty of electricians, HVAC tradesman and other who only need a hammer drill occasional to put a fastener into concrete and this is perfect. While the speed isn’t all there, it does the job and does it well.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review Value

The Home Depot is selling this hybrid impact for $260 and that is the bare tool. You might be like me for when you hear the price, you’re taken back a little. However the more I thought about it, this is two tools in one. So when you look at it that way, it’s a good value. How much would you pay for a good hammer drill and impact separately?

Now you only have to carry around one tool instead of two. Considering the size, the variety of applications and what this can do, I think $260 is a decent value and if you already own Makita batteries, you don’t have to invest in a charger or a battery.

Makita XPT02Z Hybrid Tool Review Final Thoughts

Bottomline, Makita hit a home run with this hybrid. I have seen a lot over the years and this is one of the coolest tools I have seen in a long time. Not only does it have a ton of different uses but I love how you can customize it to your application. The XPT02Z is a hybrid tool that is a workhorse.


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