Ridgid Hyper Driver Nailers

Ridgid has been expanding their cordless line and coming out with some great additions to their lineup.  Now you can count in two more tools to their lineup, the Hyper Drive nailers.  Ridgid brought to market two new nailers, the 18 (Model # R09890B) and 16 (Model # R09892B) gauge nailers.

So what makes these so special?  First, as you can see there isn’t a place to hook up an air hose, which makes sense since these are powered by their 18V battery.  So no hose to untangle, no heavy air compressors to haul around and no loud compressor running in the background, how nice is that?  These nailers are powered strictly off their 18V which means you don’t even have to buy fuel or gas for these nailers, another huge savings and no expiration dates to deal with.  Both models have Brushless motors which should mean longer life for the tool.  The body is made from Magnesium, so this definitely has the durability to handle tough jobsites.  If that isn’t enough, if you register your product you get free seals, pistons and drive blades for life.  Yes, unlike the other nailers on the market, you can pretty much perform the maintenance on this tool all yourself.

So how about use?  These nailers have all the options you would expect like tool free jam clearance, dry lock out feature, tool free depth adjustment and bump and sequential selector.  There is even a dial in the back for power adjustment.  Still not enough, how about an LED light to light up your work.

While the nailers tend to be on the big side, these harness a lot of power, plus they fire extremely fast with no waiting between shots.  As far as run time, the 16 gauge can fire up to 2,000 per charge.  The 18 gauge can fire up to 1,450 per charge, not a bad days worth of work.  One thing I would really like to see from Ridgid is a Hyper Drive framing nailer and then I can complete my nailer line up.


  1. I can say ridgid makes some nice tools, and these nailers are pretty good at to living up to the reputation. They remind me of the airstrikes no even tho they are essential made by the same company, TTI, I venture to say they are a step up they are brushless and are made from magnesium, making them strong and light weight. They feel good to handle and are well balanced. Thanks Tia for posting.

  2. Rigid makes some detent nailers, better options than some more well named brands, cough cough, Makita and its terrible bradder. Nice option to have though #TIACREW

  3. great nailers, one of the things I like about RIDGID is they make tools that look great, they perform as good as they look too as a rule and I really like the aesthetics of these nailers…great video review and write up as always guys #TIACREW


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