Company WebsiteKlein Tools
Headquarters – Lincolnshire, Illinois
Established – 1857
Parent Company – Klein Tools
Public/Private – Private
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Target Market – Professional

About Klein Tools

Klein Tools is an American company that manufactures hand tools. The company is known for its quality hand tools with tradesman. Read More.

Klein Clamp Light Review

Klein Clamp Light Review
Klein is one of the oldest tool companies that is still producing quality tools. They date back to 1857 and besides building a quality hand...

Klein Tool Bag Review

Klein Tool Bag Review
Klein has been making hand tools since 1857 and has become a staple for the electrician.  The problem has been how do you carry all these...

Klein Voltage Tester Review

Klein Voltage Tester Review
Electricians trust Klein Tools more than any other brand out there.  Don't believe me, check out any electricians tool bag and see for yourself. ...

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review

Klein Gas Leak Tester Review
I have to admit that when I saw this detector I was a little disappointed.  I was really hoping it would show part per...

Klein Light Meter Review

Klein Light Meter Review
When it comes to electricians and their tools, Klein is one of the most trusted brands in the world.  They have been making quality tools...

Klein Cable Skinning Utility Knife Review

Klein Cable Skinning Utility Knife Review
Klein has been producing electrician tools from day one.  They know the industry and know the people.  When it comes to quality, just ask...

Klein Tool Tradesman Pro Soft Lunch Cooler

Klein Cooler
We all know that taking your lunch to work can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in food cost.  Now...

Klein Tradesman Pro High Visibility Backpack

Klein High Visability Backpack
The maker of what some consider the best hand tools on the market, now has a high visibility backpack to go along with your...

Klein Tools is Searching for the Electrician of the Year –...

It's that time of year again when Klein tools searches for their electrician of the year.  Last year they gave away a custom aluminum...

Klein Super Rod Wire Pulling Products

Super Rod based in the UK has some pretty innovative tools.  Klein has teamed up with them to release 3 wire pulling tools here...

Klein Lights – Show off Your Work

klein lights
As you know Klein pretty much makes some of the best tools for electricians.  Klein is a family owned business that is located right...

Klein Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Bolt Cutter – 63RBCHD

Any electrician knows guy strand can be a major pain to cut with normal bolt cutters.  You end up gnawing away in hope that...

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