Klein Cooler

Klein Cooler

We don’t think much about coolers until we are thirsty and need a cold drink.  Or maybe when we are getting ready to tailgate or go camping.  If you have ever been outside or in need of a nice cold beverage, we all know how great it is to have a good cooler that will fulfill your cold beverage needs, which brings me to the Klein Cooler.  We have reviewed two Klein cooler in the past and loved them but the tough box intrigued us so we had to take a quick look at it.

Klein Cooler – Information

  • Name – Klein Cooler Tough Box, 48 Quart Tradesman Pro Jobsite Ice Chest
  • Model – 55650
  • Price –  $150
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • Klein ReviewsKlein Tool Reviews

Klein Cooler – Features

There is a lot to love about this cooler beside it saying, Klein.  Here are some of the features.

  • 48 Quarts – 72 cans or 40 bottles
  • Sealing gasket
  • Rubber latches
  • Top container for dry items, will slide to either side
  • Stainless steel hinge
  • Nylon rope with textured grip handles
  • Tie-down holes on each corner
  • Will support up to 300 lbs
  • Bottle opener
  • Side Drain
  • Twist-lock Klein accessory for light or speaker.

Klein Cooler – Impressions

I am a huge fan of this cooler.  First, is the low profile.  I like that it’s not a full-size cooler. While full-size coolers are nice, I also feel that there is some wasted space.  With this cooler, you can pack the taller bottles on one side.  Then the cans can sit on the other side and the large plastic container can sit over those cans, a perfect set up.

I also love the bottle opener and the handle.  For obvious reasons, a bottle opener is a nice feature to have.  The handles are great because once the cooler has some weight, the handle will twist with your movement when walking and not hurt your hands.

We filled the cooler with a bunch of bottles and cans, then put a bag of ice in the cooler, which worked out great.  I wish I could tell you the exact number of days it will last but it really varies.  A lot depends on the outside temp, if it’s in direct sunlight, how many times you are opening it a day, if the items you put in were already cold or room temperature.  For us we put in room temperature items, add ice and waited.  For us, it lasted over 30 hours.  We left it in the back of the truck.  Mostly sunlight but there was shade.  The daytime temperature was about 85 degrees.  We opened it about 5 times a day to check on it.

So in the end, I would say this is a great cooler to take tailgating, camping and more.  This is also a cooler you can keep in the back of the truck for the job site.

Looking around, people have had issues with the straps.  Looks like it might have been a while ago and not sure if they fixed this issue, not everyone, just enough to wonder the build quality with the straps.  So we will continue to update you on the cooler to see how it’s holding up.

Klein Cooler – Wrap Up

When it comes to coolers, you have a lot to choose from and some can be extremely pricey for what you get.  With the Klein, I love the set up of this cooler.  I love the handles, how long it keeps drinks cold, the low profile and the ruggedness.  So for me, I am a fan and buyer of this cooler.



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