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Headquarters –  Mt Prospect, Illinois
Established – 1886
Parent Company – Robert Bosch GmbH
Public/Private – Public (BOSCHLTD)
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Target Market – Professional

About Bosch

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company.  Bosch is owned by Robert Bosch which their core products are automotive components, industrial products, and building products.  Bosch power tools are known for their quality and reliability. Read More

Bosch Colt Palm Router – Electronic Viable Speed PR20EVS

Bosch Colt Palm Router
Here is the deal.  I love woodworking but by no means am I an expert.  As you know I am a huge fan of...

Bosch GSA18V-125 Reciprocating Saw Review

Bosch GSA18V-125 Reciprocating Saw Review
Bosch is one of the top professional power tool companies around.  They are known for producing quality power tools such as their rotary hammers....

Bosch Floodlight Review

Bosch Floodlight Review
Bosch is known in the industry for making quality power tools.  Their 18V lineup is one of the most reliable platforms on the market....

Bosch Speed Clean Bit

Bosch DXS2124
Concrete is one of the most used materials in the world.  Take a look around, it's in your house, your roads, and your buildings....

Bosch Bulldog XtremeMax GBH2-28L

Bosch Bulldog
The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max.  If you are familiar with the Bosch bulldog, you probably don't need an introduction, this is just something you...

Bosch Compact Reciprocating Saw GSA18V-083B

Bosch reciprocating saw
Talk about a great addition to Bosch's already great 18V lineup, the compact reciprocating saw is great.  As you can see this saw is...

Bosch 5″ Corded Grinder GWS13-50

When it comes to grinders, Bosch is one of the top manufacturers.  When I was a labor back in 1992, we had a ton...

Bosch 12V Impact Driver

Bosch Impact
Bosch may not have the largest 12V line on the market, but the tools they have out for the 12V line, well let's just...

Bosch Hammer Drill HDH183 and Drill Driver DDH183

Bosch Drill
If you have been following me for a while, you know I am a huge fan of Bosch.  In fact, people have accused me...

Bosch Laser Review – Self Leveling Cross Line Laser GCL 2-160

Bosch Laser Review
Yes, another laser from Bosch.  One thing I can say about Bosch is that their laser division is jamming with new and innovative lasers....

Bosch Green Laser Review – Cross Line Laser GLL 100 G

Bosch Green Laser Review
When it comes to lasers, Bosch is hard to beat. They have been in this game for a long time and have experience with...

Bosch Work Light – 18V and 420 Lumens

Bosch Work Light
Over the past year, it seems like every manufacturer is coming out with LED lighting solutions.  Not that I am saying this is a...

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