Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review


Milwaukee is one of the leading power tool manufacturers in the world.  They have grown their line of power tools by leaps and bounds over the last decade.  Today we are taking a look at another addition to their lineup with the Milwaukee M18 die grinder review.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review – Features

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review

The grinder, model 2784, is based around their brushless motor called the Fuel which produces 20,000 rpm's.  The brushless motor gives the tool longevity and increased performance, which is a welcome addition to a die grinder.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review

The collet is 1/4″ and can be changed using two included wrenches.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review

The power switch is a single switch without a safety.  Just press up or down to turn on and off the grinder.  Unfortunately, the tool doesn't offer a variable speed.  It's either on or off.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review

The M18 is Milwaukee's 18V battery and will provide about 25 minutes of runtime depending upon your application.

Just like the Milwaukee grinder, there is a removable cover to protect the tool from sucking in metal chips and getting into the motor.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review

The handle and front nose piece have a comfortable rubber over mold to help keep the tool secure in your hand, even with gloves.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review – Performance

One feature that some people will miss is the variable speed.  Not having a variable speed means certain attachments are out of reach.

Overall the tool performs and it's what you would expect from Milwaukee and a die grinder. The grinder is smooth with little vibrations.  The handle isn't too big so you can still get into tight spaces without having issues.

The power is sufficient and is comparable to a corded version.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review – Value

This tool has a hefty price tag of $200 for the bare tool and $400 for the tool and two batteries.  The Makita is about $50 cheaper for the bare tool and has more rpm's.  If you are invested in the Milwaukee line, this isn't a bad purchase.

Milwaukee M18 Die Grinder Review – Final Thoughts

Overall this is another great addition to the Milwaukee lineup.  While this lacks a variable speed option, this tool is powerful and easy to use.  The tool provides a sufficient runtime and is a welcome addition to anyone who is dealing with metal.


  1. I bought one and think it’s rubbish to be honest, it’s really only good for use with Tungsten carbide burrs and things like that, it’s far to fast for everything else, if there had been a variable speed setting on the Tool it would be absolutely brilliant but there’s not so it’s very limited to what you can use it for, very disappointing. Milwaukee could have made this tool so much better by adding something very simple. If you’re buying this tool to use tungsten burrs it’s good, for anything else I would not recommend buying this tool.


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