Skilsaw Medusaw Review

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

Skilsaw is a manufacturer that has been around and has a long history.  In fact, one of their flagship products, the circular saw worm drive is said to be the saw that built America. The worm drive saw, while heavy, is extremely powerful.  The saw is tried and true over the years and many contractors have relied on this saw to perform their daily tasks.  So when you read our Skilsaw Medusaw review, keep in mind that while this is a new product, it’s not new technology.  While there are tweaks to this saw since it’s a concrete saw, the saw and design have been around for a long time.

Skilsaw Medusaw Review – Features

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

As you know Skilsaw started out with their worm drive system and built a quality concrete saw around the worm drive.  The Medusaw has the capability of making up to 2″ deep cuts with a 5,100 rpm.

Now, this is usually last on the feature list for some, but for me, it’s important.  I am glad to see Skilsaw attached a nice long power cord to this tool.  Not only does it have a 10′ power cord so you’re not fighting it, but it also offers protection through GFCI.

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

The aluminum foot plate has four hard rubber wheels that help guide the saw along the cut line.

As you know when working with concrete, it can be dusty and hard to see your lines so Skilsaw not only created line guides on the shoe but also a retractable front pointer.  This is great when you are making longer cuts and need to keep a straight line.

Speaking of dust, there is built-in dust collection.  You can attach the dust port directly into the side of the handle.  While it doesn’t take away all the dust, it does a much better job than not having any dust collection.

Staying on the topic of dust, there is a built-in dust suppression system which you can attach to any garden hose.

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

One feature that the contractor will appreciate is the plunge lock. You can adjust the depth of cut and once you bring the saw to a position, it will lock into the specific depth.  This is great for relief cuts.

As a last feature, the tool is designed with rust-resistant brackets and fasteners so you can ensure your tool runs longer and smoother.

Skilsaw Medusaw Review – Performance

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

The saw doesn’t come with a blade, which stinks for those people who buy the saw and don’t notice they needed to pick up a blade.  So if you don’t have one on the job site, that’s another trip back to the store.  The good news is that you can buy your favorite blade.

The saw is 17 lbs, so it’s heavy, but when it comes to concrete, weight can be good.  The four wheels make running this along lines very easy. Smooth and easy to stay on track.

On the front of the saw, there is a heavy duty spring which provides just enough resistant to make working with the saw simple.  You aren’t fighting the push back from the spring, but it also has enough resistance that you can easily get to your desired depth without going in too far.

Skilsaw Medusaw Review

As you would expect, the saw doesn’t have any problems or issues with cutting concrete. As always you have to let the saw and blade do the work, plus dictate your speed.  This is a saw that will easily make 2″ depth cuts all day long.

Skilsaw Medusaw Review – Final Thoughts

Overall Skilsaw took a great product that is true and time tested on the jobsite and designed it for concrete use.  While this won’t take the place of your bigger concrete saws, it’s powerful and easy to use.  Built to last, it should be considered for a contractor looking for a powerful and accurate way to cut concrete.


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