Milwaukee Inflator Review

Milwaukee Inflator Review

This is one of those tools that I am surprised more companies don’t release.  Yes, I know there are a lot of inflators in the marketplace, but not too many that I trust to invest my money into.  Over the past couple of years, I have been using the Ryobi like crazy and love it.  So when Milwaukee released their M12 inflator, I was extremely happy.  So let’s check out the Milwaukee inflator review and see how it stacks up.

Milwaukee Inflator Review Overview

For me, an inflator is a must have tool.  Not only as a homeowner, but for the professional.  Think about all the times you have tires that are low and when the tires are low, your job is hard.  What about a wheelbarrow and when you’re moving something heavy.  How many times have you loaded up a wheelbarrow only to realize you’re pushing it with a flat tire.

Same thing for your larger compressors, generators of something as simple as topping off your truck tires.  With a compact compressor, you can keep it in your toolbox or truck box and you always have air on demand when you need it the most.

Now before we jump into the review you have to understand one thing about this tool.  This is an inflator and not a compressor.  So if you are looking for speed when filling tires, this isn’t the tool for you.  While it will fill tires and more, it’s not the quickest.  What you do get over a compressor is portability and a tool that doesn’t take up a lot of space in a toolbox.

Milwaukee Inflator Review Features

Milwaukee Inflator Review

The 2475 Milwaukee Inflator has a PSI rating of 0 – 120 with an accuracy of +/- 3%.  One of the coolest features of this inflator is the small profile.  The tool is on 6.5″ in length, 7.5″ in height and weights 3.8 lbs. which means this is perfect for those who need portability and a tool that doesn’t take up a lot of space in their truck box or toolbox.  The duty cycle on this inflator is 50% so after 10 minutes of continues use, you have to let is rest for 10 minutes.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

Milwaukee has the largest line of 12V tools and this is just another tool in their M12 line up.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

There is a lot to like about this inflator but for me I love the screen.  Everything is nice and big which means it’s easy to read.  I can see the battery life, my target psi and current psi.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

The front control panel is also very easy to use.  A single button in the middle turns on and off the inflator whicle their is a – and + to the left and right.  These minus and plus button lets the user easily adjust the target psi.  The button on the bottom of the panel will put the machine in action once you set your target psi.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

Milwaukee uses a nice braid air hose that is 26″ long.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

On the back of the inflator, you can store your air hose.  The hose wraps up nicely and stays in place.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

Along with the air hose management area, there are some included accessories which are: Ball Needle, Presta Chuck, Inflator Chuck and Schrader Chuck.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

Milwaukee also designed this with a wide carrying handle.

Milwaukee Inflator Review Performance

Milwaukee Inflator Review

I found the screen and the control panel easy to use.  Everything is very self-explanatory and really can’t ask for much more for the user interface.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

Again this is an inflator and not a compressor which means you have to understand this is slow for some applications.  When we filled the Ventrac tire, I felt like it took a while to put a single PSI in the front tire while it took about 20 seconds to put 10 PSI in my truck tire.

Milwaukee Inflator Review

I love the included air chuck.  I can screw this onto a value and not have to worry about it falling off or trying to hold onto it with my other hand.  Very handy included accessory.


Milwaukee Inflator Review Value

This inflator runs about $70 at The Home Depot for the bare tool.  If you already are into the Milwaukee line of tools, this is a handy too to own.  The Ryobi’s I use all the time run $20 for the P737 and $40 for the P731.  Both are those are without the battery.

If you already own a battaery line such as either Milwaukee or Ryobi, I wouldn’t move over to the other just for the Inflator.  However, if you are starting from scratch, they will all cost about the same since you also have to buy a battery and charger for each.  With that said, while I like them all, I like the Milwaukee a little more as it’s easy to use and love the included valve chuck.

Milwaukee Inflator Review Final Thoughts

This is a welcome addition to the Milwaukee line up and I think everyone can use.  The screen is large and easy to read, the inflator is easy to operate and I love how the air hose screws onto a tire so no more messing around.  It’s perfect for an emergency or those times you need to top off some tires.  Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be faster than a compressor so if you know that ahead of time, then you know what to expect from this. A great portable solution for quick air needs.


  1. First one quit on me after one month of light use. Just got a replacement. Wish me luck, I have a feeling I’ll need it.

  2. I purchased this inflator last year and couldn’t be happier with it. It is great for small jobs like filling tires, kids basketballs, footballs, bikes, etc. What I like most about it is you can keep it in your trunk just in case. We went on a road trip this past summer and it was nice to know it was there in case there was a leak. I enjoy not having to drag out the air compressor for a small job. I have a collection of M12 tools so I already had the battery platform. This is a great addition. I really enjoy all of my Milwaukee Tools (M18 and M12).


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