Ryobi Project Light Review

Ryobi Project Light Review

When it comes to homeowner tools, Ryobi is the leader.  They have a large line of cordless tools that work off a single 18V battery.  If you take an older tool, even the newer batteries work and that is one reason people love Ryobi, not to mention the professional features for a homeowner price.  So let’s jump in and take a look at the Ryobi Project Light Review.

Ryobi Project Light Review Overview

When it comes to lighting, Milwaukee took this category and moved it forward.  In the past, most companies looked at lighting as an option.  Today power tool manufacturers are taking lighting more serious as contractors and homeowners are demanding better lighting solutions.  With Milwaukee and Ryobi being part of the same parent company, TTI, you knew it was only a matter of time before Ryobi started following suit with Milwaukee and coming out with useful lighting options for their 18V lineup.

Ryobi Project Light Review Features

Ryobi Project Light Review

The Ryobi project light, model P790, is a homeowner light and a perfect solution to add to Ryobi large line up of 18V products.  The light features 3 settings.

  • High – 900 Lumens
  • Medium – 600 Lumens
  • Low – 100 Lumens

Ryobi Project Light Review

The project light is powered by the Ryobi 18V battery.  You should get about 35 hours of runtime on low.

Ryobi Project Light Review

If you are not on the Ryobi 18V platform, don’t worry.  The light can also be powered by an extension cord.  Even if you are on the Ryobi 18V line, it’s nice to have the option of consistent and never-ending power.

Ryobi Project Light Review

The light features 18 LED lights that gives the light a wide working area.

Ryobi Project Light Review

One interesting feature of this light is the bottom grip.  This is something I haven’t seen before with a light.  The grip makes it easy to hold.  It’s not the only way to hold the light, but it’s a welcome addition.

Ryobi Project Light Review

To turn the light on, there is a push button located on the back of the light.  Press it once and it will turn it on.  You can keep pressing it to cycle through the settings of High, Medium and Low.  The last push of a button will turn the light off.

If you would rather hand the light instead of letting it sit flat, there is a hook located on the top of the light.

The light can be adjusted up and down 180 degrees with positive detents.

Along with adjusting the light up and down, you can also swivel the light 180 degrees.

Ryobi Project Light Review Performance

Ryobi Project Light Review

In regards to light output, the light does a great job.  I tried to capture the high, med and low beam, but they all look the same on camera.  The swivel is smooth and the positive lock detents mean the light will stay in place.

I know it’s a light so it’s hard to go into depth as there isn’t much.  The bottom line is that the light is bright and does exactly what it’s advertised to do.

Ryobi Project Light Review Value

The light retails for about $50 on The Home Depot website and that is for the bare tool.  While I am usually a fan of the Ryobi tools and the value they offer, I think they might have missed the mark on this one.  I think $50 for a LED project light is little hefty for Ryobi.

As a consumer, I am used to a big discount compared to some of the professional brands.  For $50, I am able to pick up a nice Dewalt light and I am entering into a different category.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love this light and if you are invested into the Ryobi line, this is a great addition but I just think this is about a $30 light.  Maybe I am paying more because of the dual power options.

Ryobi Project Light Review Final Thoughts

I think Ryobi did a great job with this light.  Yes, it’s a little more expensive than what would make me happy, but it’s bright, it’s functional with the rotating head and I can have either portable power with the battery or unlimited power with a plug.

As a homeowner, this is a nice addition to your Ryobi line and perfect for either those jobs you need more light or those nights your out camping.


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