Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review
Ease of Use

It’s amazing to think that there are chainsaws that are powered by a battery. Who would have thought that a high demand tool like this can be powered and be efficient enough to actually cut tree trucks? Not only cut large pieces of wood but do serious work. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that this has really become possible. While there are some great battery powered chainsaws on the market, let’s face it, there are also others on the market that probably shouldn’t be. So let’s see which category the Milwaukee falls into and dive into the Milwaukee Chainsaw Review.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Overview

I know there are multiple power tool manufacturers in the marketplace that have battery-powered OPE tools such as chainsaws, but when it comes to chainsaws, the only two I am a fan of is the Ego and the Makita.

When Milwaukee announced they were coming out with a chainsaw, I was excited because I know they have the capability of making a great saw and I know they have the battery to produce a chainsaw that runs for a long time. The question was how will it compete against the Makita and Ego.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Features

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

This is the first Milwaukee cordless chainsaw and Milwaukee claims its faster than a 40CC saw in hardwoods. The saw is built around a brushless motor which provides efficiency and longer run times. The saw weighs in at 13.9 lbs and has an rpm of 6600.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

As you would expect, a chainsaw takes a lot of power to perform the task at hand.  Milwaukee designed this with their M18 battery platform and more specifically, the Milwaukee 12Ah battery which is their highest amp battery available.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

The 2727-21HD comes with the saw, battery, charger and bar oil.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

Milwaukee designed this with a 16″ Oregon bar which means you can do some serious cutting with this saw.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

The grip has a rubber overmold grip just likes their power tools.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

As with all power tools, this has a safety feature so you don’t accidentally pull the trigger.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

The handle is a full D-Handle that wraps from the top of the saw all the way down the left side, which gives you more grip options.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

As with other chainsaws, it has a bar lock for safety.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review

The oil chamber features a see-through side so you can gauge how much oil is in the reservoir without having to take off the cap.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Performance

I have a wood burning stove so each year I am cutting a ton of wood. As I said earlier, I rely on my Ego and the Makita as those are my two favorite saws on the market. Well, I can add a third. I am loving the Milwaukee saw.

The saw is powerful and has awesome runtime with the 12Ah battery. This is truly a saw that can actually perform real work. I love how fast the saw turns on when I depress the trigger. I love how powerful the motor is when cutting through larger pieces of wood and I appreciate long runtimes of this saw.

For the homeowner, this is a winner. For the professional arborist, it is up to you. I think for an arborist this serves a couple of functions. This would be a great saw for ground clearing and an awesome saw for the guy who is working the chipper and needs to cut a branch before it goes into the chipper. I also think this is a great saw for the climber. Instead of having to climb, start the saw by pulling it then cut and repeat for each branch. Now just depress the trigger and your off and running. No more worrying about gas. Yes, you will have to keep a bunch of batteries with you, but at the same times, it has a real advantage.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Value

The Milwaukee chainsaw 2727-21HD retails for about $400 at The Home Depot. If your cutting one or two times a year, this might be a little high priced. However, for those of us who do a lot of cutting, the $400 price tags is a decent value as that also comes with a 12Ah battery.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Final Thoughts

For me, this is a winner. I love the power, the ease of use and the freedom to remove gas and spark plugs out of the equation. I love how this saw can have some real output and perform a ton of work, even on a single battery. Best of all, I love how fast the saw cycles up to full speed. This chainsaw is a great addition to any tool collection for users looking to ditch the gas and head over to cordless performance from Milwaukee.


  1. Thanks for writing this up Eric. I definitely like the Milwaukee saw more than the flexvolt, but I’m already heavily invested in the DeWalt line… If only they would replace the bar attachments with two nuts like the Milwaukee. That’s really my main gripe. A torque limiting plastic turn knob nut? Only one? Come on DeWalt, take a lesson from Milwaukee here.


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