Klein Tools Reinvents Wire Pulling Lube – Foam Lubricant

Klein Tools Pulling Foam

Running wires through steel conduit sounds easy but there is usually a lot of bends and long runs.  It gets stuck and a lube is required.  For years lubes have been messy and greasy.  It stays on your hands and actually impairs you from getting a good grip on the wire.  The worst is the mess, especially when you are in a clients house in a finished area, not only does the client cringe at the mess,  but the cleanup is just added time to the job.

Klein came up with a lube foam that virtually disappears leaving no trace.  We gave a can to John an electrical tradesman with Local 134 here in Chicago and he was just amazed.  One small can can fit in his bag and that replaces 4 huge quarts of traditional wax/gel lubricants.  The can comes with a tube that you insert into the conduit, then a quick squeeze expands the foam.  Then just apply more as needed.  John took his can to the job site and they ended up spraying all over their hands in amazement that it just disappears and left no residue.  In fact it almost leaves like a moisturized feel on your hands.  The foam won’t leak out even on vertical applications.

This product will be released on September 2nd.




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