Ever since I was a kid I have liked engravers,  its a kind of tool head graffiti. I like to engrave everything from my tools to the side of Erics truck. Now I can engrave my name on everything in Erics garage while being stealth about it.  We showed you the General 505 Engraver at NHS 2011, now we have one, here is the low down.

The 505 is just shy of 7″ long with the bit installed. It is Powered by the 2 included AAA batteries and uses a Precision diamond tip 3/32″ bit.  This little unit puts out a whopping 20,000 rpms.  The unit fits in your hand like a pen and is powered by a momentary switch towards the head of the tool.  The tool is fun to use, I engraved some wrenches, a Mag light and a DeWALT impact.  It takes a bit of finesse to work the tool, heavy pressure will cause the tool to stall out. After using the tool for a while you get used to what pressure you need to prevent stalling, basically let the tool do the work.

The tool did a good of job of engraving.  You need to remember this is a precession engraver so you wont be tearing through powder coat with it.  The tool works on most surfaces from Ceramic and glass to plastic and metal.  Now, I am no calligrapher, I write more like a doctor writes on a prescription.  I was still impressed with my work and the tool.  The General 505 – POWER PRECISION ENGRAVER retails for around $19.95 which makes it a bargain in my book.






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