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Sjoberg Portable Vise

Sjoberg (the s is silent) offers two models of portable work station vises. The Smart workstation pro that we tested is the more expensive of the two with additional capacity. Although the unit is small it has the same look and feel of the Sjoberg work benches that cost thousands of dollars.  The unit comes in a hardboard box with a plastic handle so you can transport it if needed. The Workstation Pro is made out of solid European knot free beech and has a work top size of 15 3/4″ x 14 3/8″ and weighs 22 pounds. The...

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Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail/Box Joint Jig

As everyone knows, Leigh offers one of the finest dovetail jigs on the market. The Leigh RTJ400 is their newest innovation and uses a lot of the same features their other models include. What makes it different is this jig works upside down! In comparison, your traditional style jig typically sits on top your bench and you cut your joints by running your a handheld router over the top. With the Leigh RTJ400 you use a router mounted in a table and slide the jig over the top. I like the router table version for a couple reasons.  First...

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Ultimate Wood Twist Drill Bit !

CNC machined or wood drill bit? I am currently enrolled in an online workshop class and the instructor keeps talking about how great the “Fish” bits he has been using perform. When I looked up the 7-piece set he kept raving about, I quickly noticed the price was just north of $100 (USD). Yikes! As it turns out the brand name is actually Fisch. Apparently for trademark reasons they were originally marketed in the US as Fish until around 2015  and then were labeled correctly as Fisch.  Because of this, you might see both spellings floating around online. Despite...

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