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Blaze King Wood Burning Insert Update

Back in 2012, we installed a wood burning stove insert into my house.  There were a lot of brands to pick from, but we ended up going with the Blaze King Princess Insert.  After a lot of research, it just seemed like the Blaze King was the top dog and had many happy customers.  Along with this insert, we also used the Duravent Liner.  Since it has been three years and winter time is almost here, I figured this would be a great time to do a revisit and let you know how things are going with this insert....

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Crown Boiler Revisit

Replacing a furnace or boiler is a huge investment, so I wanted to do a revisit of the Crown Boiler we installed over a year ago.  You may remember we replaced an old boiler form the 60’s with this Crown Aruba Boiler. While most of you know I do have a wood burning insert that I use for a lot of my heat, I still rely heavily on this boiler for a number of reasons.  The ways I use this boiler are first to heat my whole basement.  So even when the stove is going upstairs, this boiler is...

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Crown Boiler Update

We have received a lot of emails about the project we did last year which we updated an old boiler to a new Crown Boiler.  I know a lot of you wanted to know how it has been running and am I happy with the boiler.  I guess instead of answering all these emails, it’s just easier to do an update and email the link.  So here is what I have been telling people about my experience with the boiler. First I couldn’t be more happy with the boiler.  The boiler is quite, runs smooth and best of all,...

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Crown Boiler Aruba 4 Update

A while back we did an introduction to our Crown Boiler project.  We had an older boiler from the 60’s that was over-sized and it was time to replace the boiler.  After doing some research, I went with a Crown.  Mainly because they have been in business for a long time, their competitive pricing and high customer satisfaction. So this update isn’t going to be about the unit’s features and benefits as that was covered in the previous article.  This time I am going to talk about what I like and don’t like about this unit, well what my...

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Crown Boiler Aruba 4 Review

Summer is over and winter is here. I am sure right now heating your home is the last thing you are thinking about, but you should be. Especially if you know your boiler or furnace is on its last leg. Okay so what’s this all about and what are we going to cover in this review? This won’t be our only review of this boiler. Boilers are a big expense. The unit costs money and the install costs money. So we understand making a change is a big deal. We are going to be doing on going reviews of...

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