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Measuring Tool Reviews - Lasers, Levels & Tapes

Are you looking to buy new measuring tools?  Do you know what brand or manufacturer to buy?  As you know there are so many brands, models and manufacturers to choose from, it's hard deciding which one is right for you.  Tools in Action tests and reviews the newest measuring tools in the marketplace.  Below you can find a list of our recent measuring tool reviews to assist you with your buying decision.  Don't go blindly into your purchasing decision.  Become an informed buyer and know the products in the marketplace.  After reading through our reviews if you still need help, take a look at the Power Tool Forum.  The forum is filled with awesome people who can help answer questions you have.  If you are looking to buy additional tools, take a look at our Power Tool Guides where you can search by different specifications.  Read our measuring tool reviews below to get started with your research.

Milwaukee Copper Cutter Review

Milwaukee Laser Distance Meter Review

A while back we introduced you to the new Milwaukee LDM (Laser Distance Meter).  At the time we covered the 65' and the 150'....

Milwaukee LDM – 3 Different LDM’s

Milwaukee took a leap and entered the LDM market a while back.  I have to admit when I first heard they were entering this...
Milwaukee Measuring Wheel

Milwaukee 12″ Measuring Wheel 48-22-5012

Milwaukee recently came out with their 12" measuring wheel.  Not that this is new to market, but it's new for Milwaukee.  When I was...
Milwaukee RedStick

Milwaukee RedStick Box Levels

Milwaukee has been hitting the market hard with their new measurement line of products.  They started out with some great tape measures and then...
Milwaukee Long Tape

Milwaukee Tool Long Tapes

Milwaukee has had tape measures out for a couple of years, so measuring isn't new to Milwaukee. However, they recently came out with some...
Milwaukee Torpedo Level

Milwaukee Torpedo Levels

Milwaukee recently came out with two new levels, the Compact Torpedo Level 48-22-5107 and the 10" Diecast Torpedo Level with 360 Degree Locking Vial 48-22-5210.  I...
Empire Levels

Empire Levels – True Blue

In today's market place you can spend a couple of bucks or a couple of hundred dollars on a level.  Both have their pros and...
Bosch Laser Review

Bosch Laser Review – Self Leveling Cross Line Laser GCL 2-160

Yes, another laser from Bosch.  One thing I can say about Bosch is that their laser division is jamming with new and innovative lasers....
Bosch Green Laser Review

Bosch Green Laser Review – Cross Line Laser GLL 100 G

When it comes to lasers, Bosch is hard to beat. They have been in this game for a long time and have experience with...
Hilti PDC

Hilti PDC – The Perfect Laser Range Meter

I have to be honest.  I have been sitting in front of this article staring at the screen for the past 10 minutes.  I...

ToolSmart from General Tools – The Simple Solution

As you probably know, General Tools is a sponsor of Tools in Action.  However you should know two things.  First, we never take on...
Bosch GLM 50 C

Bosch GLM 50 C – Bluetooth Laser Measure

I know I am going to sound like a broken record, but I don't care.  When it comes to levels and measuring, Bosch is...
Bosch GIM 120

Bosch GIM 120 – 48″ Digital Level

When it comes to levels and measuring, no one beats Bosch.  They have the quality, experience, reliability and accuracy that no one can top....
Milwaukee 2268

Milwaukee 12:1 Infrared Temp-Gun 2268-20

Milwaukee recently introduced their new line of infrared Temp-Guns.  The one we are taking a look at today is the 12:1 model 2268-20 temp...
Flir thermal clamp meter

FLIR CM174 Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

FLIR is a big time player in the test and measurement industry.  They are known especially for their innovative thermal imaging technology and are...
Dewalt Laser DCH253M2

Dewalt Lasers – Christmas in a 12V

If you have been following us for a while, you already know the Bosch GLL-80 is my favorite laser (See our revisit of the...

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