As you know, we always have a massive giveaway at the end of every year and this year isn’t any different.  This year we are giving away 63 different products.  Here are some of the items in the giveaway this year and would like to thank the manufacturers for providing and helping out with the giveaways.

We are doing something a little different this year.  In the past, we always told you what you won.  This year it is a surprise.  The only two items we announced a winner for is the Bosch REAXX and the Southwire Jobsite box.  Everyone else will find out once it’s shipped to their location.  Also, please allow for 4 to 8 weeks before you get the prize.

Before we jump into the winners, I want to layout a couple of things regarding this giveaway that we have discussed in our videos and articles.

  • You must have a USA Shipping address.
  • You have one week to contact us with your full name and address.  If you leave out a zip code or something else, we will not track you down.  It’s your responsibility.  Do not contact us after one week and say you were on vacation or something else.
  • You must contact us on the channel where you won.  So if we gave your YouTube username, you have to contact us through YouTube with your information.
  • You can not win twice.  As an example, say we picked your name on YouTube and you have a different screen name on Instagram.  You only win once.

So let’s move onto the winners and congratulations to everyone.

Power Tool Forum Winners

  • Bmack
  • TCoscarelli
  • Framer Joe
  • Nicolas Ramos
  • ikepete
  • JTKendall
  • Theultimatehic
  • Bremon
  • foneguy
  • poisionfang85
  • 77Ford
  • EETwidget
  • JimboS1ice
  • Kruton
  • Hugh Jass
  • Mondo1310
  • John Glassey
  • Captian Obvious
  • SevenOddosFence
  • Wildroamer
  • overanalyze
  • knarlycarl
  • ohiostatebuckeyefan


Instagram Winners

  • cjr_519
  • cvlp190
  • logan2831
  • rbacon705
  • h2con
  • scottcavanaugh84
  • matt_mackley
  • jaygould722
  • jtibbetts97
  • rizzuto1991
  • 1sano
  • ben_Deoms
  • flaviusnico
  • richwoodrocket
  • wrock2000
  • hhprogressconstruction
  • rutter_construction
  • jamescawley16
  • edgerunner01
  • buzz70
  • daryn_hutch

Website Winners

  • JMG
  • RCWard
  • Russ Webster
  • Tom Gorham
  • Peter DeFazio
  • rrich1

YouTube Winners

  • michaelbrown
  • beausanchez
  • billbowron
  • jakehartman
  • chriskelly
  • sky writer4
  • scott molham
  • lawnfreak
  • bweirich
  • john higgins

Facebook Winners

  • james thomas harris

Bosch REAXX Winner

  • rfwjr88

Southwire Jobsite Box Winner

  • captain j builder