Wow, I am not sure where to begin.  When it comes to hand tools, Milwaukee has been pounding the market with new tools.  I feel like every day I open my email and there it is, a new Milwaukee hand tool.  Now don’t take that as a complaint because I think it’s awesome.  I have to be honest, the Milwaukee hand tools seem to be a hit or miss for me.  I am not saying I have found any of them to be bad, but for some of the tools, I like the competitors versions better.  That may just be because I am so use to some of the competitors and it’s hard for me to change.  The tools I am going over today, don’t really fit into that category.  I will be covering three types of tools and think they are all worthy of a closer look if you are looking at these types of hand tools.  So for today we will be covering tubing cutters, adjustable wrenches and pliers.  All of these tools come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Milwaukee Hand Tools – Tubing Cutter

Wow.  Really that is all I can say about these tubing cutters.  I never thought I would get excited about a hand tool, but I love these.  These are probably the best tubing cutters I have ever seen or ever used.  First thing first, one of the smoothest cutters I have used.  You can really notice the difference between these and other high end models of cutters.  Second, these are built to last.  All of these have chrome rollers, so you don’t have to worry about rusting and causing issues once they get a little older. Okay here is the cool part of these tools, the knob.  Instead of just having a round knob, they have an easy to grip knob where you can grip it much better when making your cut.  On the large capacity cutter, this even has an on board reamer.  I know these are just tubing cutters and how exciting can they really be, but trust me.  You have to try these, they are awesome.

Milwaukee Hand Tools – Pliers

Milwaukee has a ton of pliers available, but the next combination pliers are also awesome.  Basically they are a 6 in 1 tool.  Now with a single tool you can ream, cut bolts, strip wire, make a loop, cut wire and obviously pliers.  Designed for 8ga to 20ga wire, it pretty much covers the spectrum.  These are forged strength and provide years, if not decades of use.  The pliers are designed to resist rust.  As with their other hand tools, these are designed with their comfort grip that will not peel.  They also feature a small lock, so when not in use and putting them back in your tool belt, you can lock them shut.  The one thing I really noticed about these pliers is how they open.  I am not really sure how to explain this, but they don’t open easy and they don’t open hard.  Yes, I know you’re wondering what I am saying.  They just open nicely, it’s the right amount of pressure.  It just makes them feel like a quality tool.  I also noticed that when the jaws shut, they line up perfectly, where some pliers I have seen by other manufacturers don’t always line up.  So it does seem like they took time to design and build these the right way.  Again, I love these pliers and if you’re at the The Home Depot, swing by and see what you think.

Milwaukee Hand Tools – Adjustable Wrenches

The last item is the Milwaukee adjustable wrenches.  I really don’t use these types of wrenches much because they tend to suck.  It’s really my last go to tool.  I understand that a ton of people use these all day, everyday.  Maybe the ones I have used in the past have just been junk, but it always seems like when you apply a little pressure, the jaw backs off and your hand ends up slipping.  Now with two kids around, they really don’t need to hear my potty mouth when I get hurt.  Now Milwaukee claims these jaws won’t back off.  I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about them.  However after trying them out, it seems to be true.  These jaws seem to stay in place, which is a huge win for these tools.  I know they are just adjustable wrenches and not a ton to talk about.  So I will leave it there except to let you know that they are also chrome plated, so it does have rust protection.

Overall Milwaukee is making some great tools and I am digging these new hand tools.  All these hand tools seem like quality tools and will last for years.  With a limited lifetime warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with these.  If Milwaukee keeps making tools like these, the other manufacturers better watch out.  Next time you are at The Home Depot, take a swing by and take a look at these.  Let us know your thoughts.