Hilti 12V – 3 Piece Combo Set

Hilti 12V

I am sure you may know by now that Hilti launched a couple new tools and a new battery line up, the Hilti 12V.  Currently there are 3 tools in this new line up:

For this article, I am just going to speak about the line up and the general overview of these Hilti 12V tools.  I understand that someone may not want all the tools, so we do have an overview on each tool which you can check out by clicking the tool above.

Hilti is known in the construction industry for making top quality tools that are designed to be used and abused.  They also have one of the best customer service platforms around.  Putting all this together, I have to say I was excited to learn they not only came out with a 12V line of tools,but I was going to be able to take them for a test drive. Now before I get started talking about these tools, you have to understand where I stand with 12V tools.  I know a lot of people want the biggest, baddest tools available.  Now for an 18/20V line, I can see that.  However for a 12V line, I want a powerful tool, but I don’t want the weight and size.  For me a 12V line should be compact and lightweight.  If that means I have to give up a little power to achieve this, I don’t have a problem.  Most of the time when you are using a 12V line of tools, you are in a tighter spot and probably doing more precision work.  If I am going to be drilling holes all day long or something that needs a ton of power, I am reaching for my 18V.  With that said, I think Hilti did an awesome job with the new launch of their 12v line.

As I said before, all three tools are well designed.  The tools have a nice balance and the ergonomics is awesome.  I love the feel of each of these tools.  The handles aren’t too big or too small.  On each side of the handle is a nice plastic grip that helps the user grip these tools.  Hilti decided to add two LED lights to the base of each of these tools.  While it does a great job lighting up the work area, I would have like to seen the impact driver have LED lights on the front, like their SID 18-A.  Both the drill and the impact have a 2 gear speed selector with each having a 15 position torque selector.  One thing I really love about the hammer drill is the separate ring to select between hammer, drill or screw mode.  As far as the batteries, they are small and help with the balance of the tool.  The batteries are Lithium-ion and are 2.6Ah.  A nice feature is the battery fuel gauge is on the battery and not the tool.  A huge plus and wish more companies followed Hilti with this set up.  Again if you are interested in learning more about each tool, you can click one of the links above and read more about each tool.

Hilti 12v Combo Kit

  • Hammer drill/driver SF 2H-A
  • Impact driver SID 2-A
  • Screw fastening driver SFD 2-A
  • (2) B 12/2.6 batteries
  • (1) C 4/12-50 110V Battery charger
  • (3) belt hooks
  • (1) tool bag

Overall, I think Hilti hit a home run with this new 12V line.  The tools are compact, powerful and have a great balance.  Put that with the Hilti customer service and you have a winning combination.  If you are looking for a great 12v line up, you have to check out this combo kit.  As of today, you can buy this whole Hilti 12V kit $299, which is a steal.


  1. These are such cool tools, they had a deal on these for around 240 bucks and I should have jumped on it… Oh well #TIACREW

  2. This is a great entry to the ever growing 12v line that so many tool companies are now competing in. Hilti has been known for quality tools and have been around and now this set is one of the most affordable out in the market. Thanks for showing us this set. #TIACREW

  3. I myself used Hilti a lot. And what I like most – is the Hilti warranty and how they honor it. But IMHO Hilti has one main problem – lack of versatility. V12 series was expected by a lot of people long time ago. And right now there are many many different tools that Hilti is missing in their stack. It is very pity.

  4. Love ur YouTube channel guys, very informative, has help me out a lot on choosing my tools, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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