As we ramp up to summer, tool manufactures are starting to release their new tools for 2016.  Of-course theses are just teasers as both DeWALT and Milwaukee Tool have major events coming up in June.  That is when we will really see a bulk of their new innovations.  The DCV517 is pretty much the same as the previous 18V XRP DC515K.  It has a  HEPA filter which makes it great for dust control.

DeWALT Vacuum

The 20V Max battery is going to give the unit more power and run time over the previous model.  The neat thing about this vacuum is its design.  You can use it as a handheld or you can detach the 2.5 foot hose which extends to 5 feet to get into the tight areas.

Cordless dewalt vacuum

Overall these little vacuums are great to have especially for small punch list jobs.  Did I mention it is also a wet/dry vac, plumbers can use it to suck up water in toilets.  It holds up to a half gallon of liquid and or debris.  This tool is covered by the standard DeWALT 3 year warranty and should be available soon.