While recently at STAFDA we came across this portable welder.  It has a built-in Lithium Ion battery to allow for complete cord free welding.  It has an external charger that keeps it charged when plugged in and can charge it in about 50 minutes. You can use it with or without the cord with a 20 AMP circuit. The welder weighs just under 25 lbs so it is easy to carry just about anywhere.  For field maintenance this is a godsend.

It produces 140 Amps max Stick and 150 Amps Max Tig.  A 10′ ground lead and 13″ stick electrode lead allows for maximum reach.  Among some other features are a hot/soft start setting to help maintain a stable arc and low amperage.  An Arc Force Dynamic setting increases the amperage to help prevent a weld pool from solidifying.


dcw100kThis unit will open up an a whole new world to field maintenance techs.  We hope to get one in the hands of a Pro real soon to find out what they think.  For more check out DeWALT.com