DeWALT may not be first to the plate every time, but when they do it is a quality tested product.  When they announced a new outdoor power equipment line last year I was a bit skeptical.  We have seen lithium hit the home market with good success but for the professional?  .

We finally have these tools in our hands and the weather isn’t cooperating with us.  However we got a good chance to give the string trimmer a try.  This trimmer says pro all over it, from the quality build to the near perfect ergonomics and balance. The tool is available in 2 battery combinations  The DCST990H1 comes with a  6.0 AH battery and the DCST990M1 with a 4.0 AH battery.  It weighs in at 13.9 lbs which is heavier than some gas trimmers but the good balance helps detract from that.  The standard dual line bump feed takes standard 0.080″ line, it is relatively easy to restring..  It has a metal gear case that will stand up to abuse of being used in a commercial application.


Tool Nut Dewalt String Trimmer


Briefly using the trimmer we noticed it had a lot of power.  You cannot tell the difference between this and gas when it comes to power.  Electric has more torque than gas and it shows in this application.  It has a low and a high switch which runs at 5600 or 6600 rpm.  The trigger is variable so you can dial in any speed you want. The only downfall I can see compared to gas is run time.  We haven’t had a chance to test run time yet, but I know the professional demands it.  The 6.0 Ah battery should be a huge help and with 2 or 3 batteries on hand you can get all day run time. it took roughly an hour to charge the 4.0 battery.  The 6.0 AH battery will take longer, I would like to see faster charge times. We will re-visit this soon when we have some time with it out in the field.  Check it out via The Tool Nut.