Change is hard.  Some people just cannot accept change.  This is true when it comes it electric outdoor power equipment.  The skeptics say gas will never be replaced.  Well thanks to lithium-ion battery technology those days are getting closer.  Over the past few years we have seen brands like EGO and Greenworks take market share away from gas counterparts with great success.

tool nut dewalt

Now we have DeWALT on the scene to take a bite out of the pro market. This will be a bit harder convert professional to electric, or will it?  Sure the power of this blower doesn’t compare to a big back pack blower, but it is a lot quieter (67 dBA) and simple to maintain.  As long as you have a charged battery you are good to go.  The batteries charge in a little over an hour.  It produces 400CFM at 120mph which isn’t to bad for a battery-powered unit.

Runtime will depend on how you use it.  With mixed use we got roughly 20+ minutes of run time.  This unit is also great for the job site.  It will cleanup just about anything, is a lot faster than a broom and safe for indoor use.  Check out the video below for more.