Ryobi has launched a bunch of new power tools which we will be showing off in the near future.  For today, we are showing off the Ryobi P1810 starter drill.  For $60 you get the drill, a charger and a Lithium battery.  A pretty good deal for someone wanting to get started with a power tool drill.  Personally, I think this is a great drill for the homeowner who has a need for a drill, but isn’t going to use it every weekend.  Why spend a $100 on a drill that will sit on the shelf for most of the year?  The good thing about this kit, you get a Lithium battery, so who cares if you only use it once or twice a year.  The Lithium will stay charged and be ready for use the next time you grab your drill.  The best part about this drill is Ryobi offers over 50 tools in their line up.  So when you’re ready to expand, I am pretty sure you can find a tool in their line up.  Plus you already have at least one battery.

Oh by the way, I think they found Bigfoot.