More than just a wet/dry vac the DWV010 Hepa dust extractor is a complete suction system.  It will not clog thanks to a self cleaning filter system.  Every 30 seconds or so the unit switches and blows out one of the filters. This makes sure filters will not be clogged with debris and hamper performance.  We were really impressed with the bigger 10 gallon DWV012.  This smaller unit doesn’t disappoint 4 heavy duty casters allow you to move the 21lb unit around.  The 15 amp motor provides up to 130 CFM of suction.

The DWV010 is also tool activated, meaning you can plug a tool intuit and when you activate the tool the vac starts then shuts down shortly after you have stopped using the tool.  The 15′ suction hose has locking ends so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart while working.  The 8″ power cord along with the suction hose easily wrap around the unit for storage.  If you are looking for a dust extraction system that is portable check out the DWV010 we recommend it.  Check it out via Amazon.