EZ Red Pocket COB Stick Light


A couple weeks back we introduced the TIA nation to EZ Red tools, a NY based, family owned company, that specializes in battery service and LED lighting products. This week we’re going to take a look at one of the latest of those LED products, the COB stick light (model # PCOB).

EZ Red PCOB - On bench

When this thing arrived and I took it out of the box, I kinda smiled. At just over 6-1/4″ long and about 5/8″ wide, it was very small and despite the 150 lumen rating, I really didn’t expect to be wowed. I turned the lights out in my shop, turned the PCOB on, and any preconceived doubts about the power this little guy had, quickly disappeared.


What Is COB Technology? 

COB stands for Chips On Board. A new LED technology which appears to be based on a patent granted in 2013, COB is a method of packing LED chips to create a single lighting panel effect that unconfirmed sources claim can create up to 50X’s the light output per centimeter of light surface, with a lifespan between 40,000 ad 50,000 hours, making the lights much more efficient.


Whatever the technology behind it might be, rest assured this little guy puts out some serious light.



The PCOB is essentially a far superior update to EZ Red’s PCLED6. As previously mentioned, the PCOB is small. With the built in clip, it easily tucks away in a shirt pocket. The body is constructed of ABS and exhibits an almost rubber texture reminiscent of most power tool bodies, while the magnetic base, which EZ Red claims it to be 2X’s as strong as it’s predecessor, sticks nicely on a frame or body panel, and can support itself when in a horizontal position. It also features a sealed on/off switch to protect against wet or oily hands. Unlike the PCLED6 which features the clip on the side of the light, the PCOB’s is on the back. It’s rated at 7 hours run time on 3 AAA batteries, and based on my usage I’d say that’s about right.

EZ Red PCOB - Switch




The PCOB is utilizes a wide bean making it well suited as an inspection or work light. To try it out, I clipped it on the collar of my shirt while installing a license plate on my dad’s dump truck. As you can see, it was well suited for the task.

EZ Red PCOB - Plate

The magnetic base adds a lot of versatility. The light clings nicely to a frame, a hood, or even a fender for a tire change.

EZ Red PCOB - Wheel EZ Red PCOB - Hood


It also works great stuck on a tailgate or bumper for hooking up a trailer. Whether it’s changing a tire, hooking up a trailer, or working under the hood, it’s nice having a hands free light that’s up and out of the way.

EZ Red claims the PCOB is both weather resistant and impact resistant up to 1 meter. I dropped it on my shop floor 5 times from waist high without damage. I also ran it under the shower for 15 seconds and again, it was no problem.



The PCOB is a pretty neat little light. Whether it’s in the pocket of a service tech, a glovebox, or even in a drawer for use around the house or shop, the PCOB will undoubtedly be a favorite. It’s brighter, lighter, much more portable than any of my other comparable lights, and at just $8.78 @ Amazon, it’s roughly the cost of a bulb for my M18 light. I’m especially intrigued by it’s abilities in a roadside situation. With Christmas around the corner, It’s also worth keeping in mind as a stocking stuffer. To see more of what EZ Red has to offer, check out their line at EZRed.com.

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned to TIA for more from EZ Red.



  1. I have a similar light with 8 individual led bulbs. I really like the chip on board technology though. COB lights are brighter and last longer. Nice light. Great article. Thanks


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