When DeWALT announced the DCR006 Bluetooth speaker a few months back I wasn’t too excited.  However now that I have one, I love it.  If I could sum it all up in one word it would be “Simplicity”.  It’s easy to connect and operate.  Press a Bluetooth button and the unit goes into discover mode.  Your device instantly connects, hit play and you’re all set to go.  The speaker is small, just under a foot tall and has a rugged, durable appearance.

The controls on the top are rubber to help keep dust and dirt out. Side connections like aux and a USB charger add more functionality.  There are actually 2 speakers in the unit.  Don’t expect concert hall sound, but the unit does a pretty good job even on noisy work sites.  You control the volume either on the unit or on your device, when you max out the volume you hear a loud beep. Outdoors this was a good idea, but in a small area it was loud!

You can run the speaker on AC, 12V or 20V power.  It will run up to 15 hours on a single 1.5A 20V max battery.  The unit sits upright and has a handle area in back, it is small so packing or carrying it with other tools is no issue.  You can also run string or wire through 2 holes in the back to hang it.  Overall the DCR006 is the best portable speaker solution on the job site.  Check it out over at The Home Depot.