For me to say something is the best ever takes a lot.  There may be tougher straps on the market but no strap comes close to the innovation of the Wessel Quickloaders.  Let’s face it, cargo straps are a pain in the ass.  They are always tangled, hard to undo, hard to feed the second webbing through the little slot and the hook always comes of when you walking to the other side.  I know you have had all these happen to you.  The Quickloader solves all these issues with one simple spring-loaded wheel that stores the cord neatly.

Simply hook to your toe down and pull the strap across, the springs tension will keep the hook from coming off of the tie down.  You only pull out what you need.  When you are done you can use the extra long handle to release the strap and the spring rolls the strap neatly back up.  This one piece system is just awesome.  Now that I have found Quickloaders I am never going back to a traditional strap.

They come in a variety of sizes and strengths: