I don’t like to rip on products, but I am a consumer just like you.  We have to keep it real, so this is my experience with the Nelson Leak Free hose system starter kit.  It comes with a 50 foot hose, 2 Leak Free connectors (one that has a ball to stop the flow when disconnected and one that is free flowing).  It also comes with a Leak Free spray nozzle.  Now me being the consumer, I would assume that at no point would I be getting wet while using this system.  This was not the case, the only time the system is Leak Free is when the it is connected together. Anytime you disconnect, water will leak out. A properly maintained hose is also leak free.  They need to just rename this system quick connect.

As soon as I got the system I connected it, turned on the water and used it.  I thought it worked well.  I decided to leave the water on overnight to see how “Leak Free” the system truly was.  The next morning when I walked out my patio was soaked.  There was 2 pinhole leaks in the hose and it looked liked it had bubbled up underneath.  The hose quality did not impress me.  Another thing I noticed is that if any dirt or debris gets in the connector it will not lock.  I found this out the hard way when I thought it had locked only to have the hose shoot off and soak me.

My gripe with the this system is the use of the Leak Free in the title.  I got just as wet when disconnecting as any other hose.  A regular hose is “leak free” when you tighten it and have a good gasket. Sure this is leak free at the connection but for how long?  The good thing is that it has an awesome 7 year warranty.  If you buy this system you can only use other Leak Free products with it.  A regular sprinkler or hose nozzle will not work.  To sum it up the Leak Free from Nelson is a good idea, I just think it needs some work to be truly leak free. Quick connects have been around for quite a while and you can use them with any hose.  Check them out via Amazon they are made by Nelson.